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Unique Tips to Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Get clients for your digital marketing agency

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Today, a digital marketing agency has to be innovative in order to put a strong front in the market. It will take more than conventional methods to stand out in this crowded industry. A flexible and adaptive approach helps retain existing and attain new clients. If you are in a phrase to get clients for your digital marketing agency, we have got you covered. 

While we understand your expertise in B2C marketing, B2B marketing strategies are more complex and demand high-value-driven relationships. Our unorthodox ideas will help you to redefine your approach and add a compelling edge to your work model.

Top 8 Tricks to Get Clients for Your Digital Marketing Agency In 2024

These lesser-known tactics will inspire you to change your perspective toward B2B marketing interactions. If you are just starting out, you might want to read our guide on growing a social media agency.

1. Practice Referral Marketing


While looking for new clients, your happy clients can become assets to increase your business interactions. Don’t shy away from asking for referrals because they are always ready to give you more business. 

You can leverage referral marketing to build trust and get clients for your digital marketing agency. Numerous marketing, social media, and B2B agencies formalize referral programs to encash business opportunities.

This low-risk marketing strategy brings high-value clients, increases awareness of agency services, and reduces client acquisition costs. Consequently, this approach increases profit margins and ROIs. 

For instance, utilize Google reviews, client recommendations, and social media sharing to get clients for your digital marketing agency. It’s one of the most productive methods to get business, as your clients will be doing most of your work as word-of-mouth marketing.  

Business networking groups and business events are other sources of referrals. With minimal effort, you can establish referral leads and lead magnets through such business interactions.

Example: SmartSites rewards partners for introducing new clients to them. The rewards include 10% revenue shares for 12 months, financial incentives, sales material, executive events, and dedicated support. 

2. Offer Free Consultations or Demos


An approach for free consultations or demos increases goodwill in the marketplace. Your willingness to invest time into potential clients before establishing a partnership reduces hesitation in prospective clients. Free consultations or demos enable you to highlight areas of your service that matter to your clients, propose personalized offers, and showcase your expertise. 

The free trial will give you a space to understand client requirements and change marketing techniques. As a result, you can enhance your customer journey and get clients for your digital marketing agency. 

Example: Thrive Internet Marketing Agency utilizes social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to promote their ‘No-obligation free consultation’. 

3. Plan Strategic Partnership


As a digital marketing agency, you are always networking to bring more business to clients. Business events offer ample chances to start collaboration discussions with non-compete and complementary industries on behalf of your clients. 

Similarly, you can find ways for your clients to collaborate to create cross-pollination opportunities. To illustrate, if one of your clients from the fitness industry is hosting a marathon, you can leverage this occasion to introduce an energy drink brand. It’s a win-win situation as a co-branding partnership business. 

Such unique scenarios will gather more attention and exhibit your out-of-the-box marketing process. Encouraging clients to work with various industries to diversify reach elevates agency credibility and agility. In addition, strategic partnership keeps your networking active and gets clients for your digital marketing agency. 

Example: To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Levi’s 501s, Faulhaber PR & Digital marketing agency strategically curated a 3-month campaign in 2023. Paid partnerships with Gen Z creators helped them spread the word, social media content helped drive store traffic, and famous publications ensured full event coverage.  

4. Account-based Marketing(ABM)


ABM is a B2B marketing approach focused on selecting high-valued potential clients and strategizing personalized marketing campaigns. You can study the background of your potential clients, including struggles, strategies, goals, growth, etc. These details will not only allow you to know your prospects but will also allow you to make stronger relationships. 

Account-based marketing speeds up the conversion process of potential clients. Once you identify and filter an ideal prospect list, it becomes easier to design personalized marketing campaigns to get clients for your digital marketing agency. ABM allows you to get in touch with key contacts and build and nurture customer relationships. 

This approach aligns marketing and sales teams for smooth work results. The cohesive workflow between teams accelerates the sales cycle and provides straightforward results with higher ROIs. 

Moreover, ABM encourages digital marketing agencies to address clients’ concerns and problems. This empathetic approach towards every client makes them feel valued and increases conversion rates.

5. Offer Short-term Contracts

Short-term contracts are a chance for digital marketing agencies to prove themselves. Potential clients can become skeptical about switching agencies. You can pitch this idea during a free consultation or demo, cold pitch, account-based, and referral marketing to get clients for your digital marketing agency. 

Short-term contracts enable clients to test your marketing ideas by giving a small segment of their business without any pressure. It makes them feel welcome to come back as new long-term clients.

Short-term commitments save resources and get more clients for digital marketing agencies with the same mindset. Also, this approach motivates you to explore industries, experiment with strategies, and upgrade depending on real-time trends. 

For instance, you can offer a variety of customized short-term packages, like, platform-based, project-based, product-based, and duration-based contracts. You can employ our calculator to decide prices for social media management services.  

6. Industry-specific Case Studies


Industry-specific case studies are a powerful method of self-promotion. This strategy works like a charm to get clients for your digital marketing agency. Officially sharing internal and exclusive information can bring impactful publicity. You can highlight clients from different industries and display your expertise in a wide range of businesses. Specific studies allow you to showcase your industry expertise, marketing master plans and thought leadership. 

Instead of traditional content, you can opt for interactive case studies content, which lets prospective clients explore your marketing journey. Rather than optimizing text-only content, you can include videos, graphics, infographics, charts, and real-time dashboards to make it more interesting and easy to grasp. You can post your success stories on various social media platforms and get clients for your digital marketing agency. 

7. Maintain Agency Personality


In order to get clients for your digital media agency, you must learn to be selective and speak your truth. Setting up core values and following ethical values will help you play the long game. A distinct agency personality can help you connect with relevant prospects, lift client acquisition, and foster loyalty. It generates credible agency equity in the marketplace. 

You must learn to say ‘NO’ to get clients for your digital marketing agency. Your job isn’t to be nice but to be effective. Prioritizing quality over quantity is vital in the service industry. It will give you result-driven fruits and catch positive attention. For instance, many agencies choose to work with clients who practice eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and avoid child labor. This move can instantly gain client recognition.

Example: In the American TV drama series “Mad Men,” the protagonist, Don, the creative director of a marketing firm, decides to stop working with tobacco companies.

8. Robust PR Presence


Having a dynamic PR in B2B marketing helps you facilitate communications with networks. Effective PR strategies boost business by influencing clients through digital platforms, pulling new clients with offline and online interactions, upgrading marketing techniques based on the latest trends, and fostering long-term partnerships as a trusted advisor. Also, good PR is crucial during crises to uphold the agency’s reputation and get more clients for digital marketing agencies.   

Regularly publishing data-driven articles, participating in industry panels, joining business networking groups, and engaging in public discussions increases agency visibility among targeted clients. PR can accommodate impactful space to share agency stories and appealing content. You must demonstrate versatile marketing techniques and a portfolio to get clients for your digital marketing agency, 

To Wrap It Up

The success of business is directly connected to the evolution of your agency. You can make meaningful connections and push your business to thrive once you incorporate the above-mentioned marketing ideas to get clients for your digital marketing agency. Therefore, agility to keep up with the changing world is indispensable. You can make a wise choice from our top list of Digital Marketing Tools to keep your competitors at bay. 

Which, according to you, is the best marketing strategy to get clients for your digital marketing agency? Do you think marketing agencies must make radical changes for customer advocacy? 


How do you promote a digital marketing agency?

Content marketing, social media engagement, strategic partnerships, networking, and events can help you to promote your agency. 

How do we get more clients for digital marketing agencies?

Result-driven client accounts, constant workflow enhancement, targeted ads, and constant interaction can get you more clients. 

How can digital marketing agencies get more business from existing clients?

You can opt for referral marketing and cold outreach and provide testimonials and reviews using existing clients.

How can I improve client retention in my digital marketing agency?

Exceptional customer service, constant communication, and account-driven marketing adaptation can preserve your clientele. 

Which marketing tactic worked best to get clients for your digital marketing agency?

Word-of-mouth, Industry-based, and PR marketing work best to expand the agency business.

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