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How To Auto Tweet on Twitter: All-in-One Guide For Everyone

How to auto tweet on Twitter

It does not matter whether you use Twitter for your personal business or professional when it comes to your account growth. If you want growth, in essence, you must auto tweet. 

Scheduling tweets can change the whole outlook of your brand. This is because when you schedule tweets using a social media scheduler, you sign your audience up for a consistent stream of engaging content.

When you set everything to auto tweet mode, you also manage to keep up with your social media calendar, eliminating the need to stick to your computer screen throughout the day and manually send tweets. Auto tweet apps will help you plan your entire content strategy because you will be able to schedule tweets days or weeks in advance.

Schedule your tweets at the perfect time on multiple accounts!

RecurPost allows you to generate tweet variations and set them on autopilot.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Auto-Tweet

1. Use The Best-Fitting Twitter Automation Tools

2. Be Careful While Curating Content

3. Pay Attention to What The Customers Say

4. Stay True to Your Brand Personality

How to Auto-Tweet with RecurPost

1. Go to The RecurPost Dashboard and Connect Your Twitter Profile

2. Select The Profiles You Want to Add

3. Craft a Tweet

4. Put it on Schedule

Why You Should Auto Tweet?

Automation can save the day for you when it comes to social media content creation and posting. It will help you remain on top of everything even with the added pressures of other business tasks. Therefore, you must acquaint yourself with how to schedule tweets and automate other social media activities surrounding Twitter marketing.

When you choose to automate, you hand over a large chunk of the tasks that are repetitive to a bot. This will give you more time to put towards strategizing and strengthening your brand’s trail. 

Another important factor in ensuring success with your social media marketing would be posting the right content at the right time. Think of social media as a wide ocean where millions of fishes dwell. When you publish a content piece, it might get lost amongst a thousand other pieces published in a similar category. 

To stand out, you will have to beat the social media platform’s algorithm by posting at the best times for engagement. Social media scheduling will help you with this. Whether you want to take a small break from Twitter or leave the platform permanently, learn how to delete Twitter account from the micro-blogging platform.

As you know, Twitter is a massive social media platform that permits sharing of both text and images, videos, or a combination of the two. It is also notorious for the types of viewpoints that are openly expressed on the network. And it has succeeded in generating some of the most contentious debates or incidents in the annals of social media controversy. Additionally, if you know how to download Twitter videos, you may be able to carry them around with you.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Auto Tweet

When you choose to release automatic tweets as per Twitter new update, you sign yourself up for a plethora of benefits. Your business can save countless precious hours that can be utilized better. An auto Twitter post will also give a chance to audiences for making your content go viral. 

However, you should always be careful not to let automation take over your entire social media strategy. It is just one aspect of your overall plan, not the whole one. You must remain careful and must know how to post on Twitter in the best way possible to fulfill the ultimate goal of building engagement with your audience.

Here are the tips you can use when you auto-tweet:

1. Use The Best-Fitting Twitter Automation Tools

auto tweet for maximum engagement

One of the best auto tweet apps in the market would be RecurPost. This social media scheduler with repeating schedules will let you execute your social media strategy seamlessly. As a Twitter tweet scheduler, RecurPost will give you the best time to tweet, which is very important if you want to make your content seen amongst others. You can also reuse the same tweet again in the future with the help of tweet variations created by RecurPost. This auto tweet app will allow abiding by the automation rules on Twitter, keeping you from getting banned.

auto tweet with best twitter automation tools

2. Be Careful While Curating Content

auto tweet for content curation

It is important to remember that simply putting things in automation mode will do no good for you. The most important aspect of success with social media marketing is the right content mix. When you design posts, make sure you don’t just add promotional content to your mix. You can have branded content, promotional posts, and informative content from your industry in the perfect combination. 

3. Pay Attention to What The Customers Say

auto tweet and pay customer attention

Twitter automation should never be the replacement for customer engagement-building activities. The primary goal for social media content marketing is to build lasting relationships with your customers and social media platforms can give you a chance to do that. Set aside an ample amount of time for studying social analytics and finding out what posts are working the best for your audience. Always try to retweet as many posts as you can that relate to your brand and respond to direct messages promptly. 

4. Stay True to Your Brand Personality

auto tweet for your brand personality

If you have a dedicated content strategy in place, you must have spent a significant amount of time developing an impactful brand voice. This voice should be consistent in everything that you put across. While you auto tweet, your strategy must allow you to stay true to your brand voice and maintain its consistency throughout all your content. Your automated posts should be personalized and as humane as possible to help the audiences make out a clear difference between the two.

What is The Best Twitter Automation Tool You Can Use

Auto tweet apps can be a total game-changer when it comes to Twitter marketing. They can take off a huge load from your shoulders and give you extra time for managing other important business tasks. They also increase the scope for success by eliminating room for errors and maintaining consistency in your posting schedule. 

Without a doubt, RecurPost is the best auto-tweet app one can use. It is a social media scheduling tool with repeating schedules, meaning you can reuse the tweet content generated by you, in the future. Since Twitter does not allow for repetitive content, RecurPost will generate tweet variations for you. Additionally, you can add multiple media options to your tweets, bulk schedules them with social media bulk scheduling, and also get the benefit of in-depth social analytics for your Twitter posts.

How to Auto Tweet with RecurPost

Scheduling and posting tweets with RecurPost is super convenient and rewarding. Here are the steps to follow for scheduling tweets with RecurPost:

1. Go to The RecurPost Dashboard and Connect Your Twitter Profile

auto tweet step 1

To get started with auto tweeting, the first thing you will have to do is add your Twitter account to the RecurPost app. Log in to your RecurPost account and go to the dashboard. On the panel towards the left, you will see an option that says “Add an account”. Click on that.

2. Select The Profiles You Want to Add

auto tweet step 2

Once you click on the add accounts option, a window will appear on your screen in which you will have multiple social media networks to choose from. Select the one under the Twitter category and you will get the option of adding account details and granting permissions. Your account will then be connected with the RecurPost app.

3. Craft a Tweet

Auto tweeting step 3

Choose the profile that you want to schedule the tweet for. You must note that you won’t be able to schedule the same tweet for multiple Twitter handles due to their latest policy. You do not have to worry about that because RecurPost will create Tweet variations to tackle that.

After selecting the profile, you can click on the option that says “Share a post”. Add in the content where the description box mentions you should.

You get the following media options to add to your tweet:

  • Photos – Tweets that have an element of graphics are likely to stand out and get more attention than plain text. They get more clicks, likes, and retweets according to a study by HubSpot.
  • Videos – Twitter says that videos are likely to get 6 times the retweets that photos get. Video Marketing is the trend that dominates today.
  • Emoji – Emoji have a way of perking up plain text. They make your piece interesting to read and even add life to it.
  • Link – adding links to your business pages or website landing pages is a great way to drive traffic. 
  • Hashtags – Using hashtags will take you forward in your SEO game. They can let you reach an untapped audience and make your piece highly and widely visible.

4. Put it on Schedule

After you are done with adding all your content and designing the media for your tweet, it’s time to put it on schedule for posting. You get three options for posting your tweet:

  • Post now – if you are looking to post the tweet as and when you create it, click on “post now”
  • Schedule for later – in case you want the tweet to be posted at a later date, you can do so by selecting “schedule for later”. Then you can add the date and time for posting.
  • Create a recurring update – if you want that the same update gets posted repeatedly, choose the option that says “repeat this update”

Voila! You are done!


We understand that Twitter is not the easiest platform to use for budding businesses for growth and therefore there are multiple auto-tweet apps out there to help you.

You should be careful about the tool you pick and make sure that your strategy does not get overwhelmed with automation. You should always put a great amount of thought into what content you are serving to your audience and also pay attention to what they are saying. This will ensure success and growth for your brand.

RecurPost is the choice to make for your Twitter scheduling needs. It is the best social media scheduler that will give you comprehensive Twitter scheduling solutions.  

More to Twitter, RecurPost allows posting on all popular social media platforms. You can schedule Facebook posts on your profiles, groups, and pages. You can also schedule LinkedIn posts to connect with global leaders on your personal and business pages. RecurPost also allows you to schedule Instagram posts on personal and business accounts.

If you want to share appealing images of your products or services with your audience, RecurPost serves you by being an excellent Pinterest scheduler. It helps you to take the advantage of the visual platform.

Is your business ranking on the first page of Google? If you are still trying, start to schedule Google Business Profile posts with a call-to-action option for attracting buyers from your local market.

It is also the among the best free Hootsuite alternatives as well as one of the Planoly alternatives if you are looking for one.

So, if you want to rock your Twitter marketing along with other social media platforms, learn about RecurPost’s scheduling services. It also has a 14-day free trial that will leave you whipped.

Schedule your tweets at the perfect time on multiple accounts!

RecurPost allows you to generate tweet variations and set them on autopilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to do an auto tweet?

In order to schedule tweets on Twitter, you will have to follow these steps:
– If you don’t have an account, go to and sign-up for an advertiser account
– Then, you can choose the “compose tweet” option or go to the “creatives”  tab and select “tweets”
– Now select “only scheduled tweets”
– After that, select “compose a scheduled tweet” or “compose tweet”
– In the box that appears on your screen, select scheduling and type in your message, then select a date and time
– Once you are done crafting your tweet, select “schedule tweet” and you will be done!

2. Can you auto tweet?

Yes! You most definitely can. Twitter tweet scheduling is a great option for your business if you are looking to be more productive with your time and resources. There are multiple auto tweet apps in the market. RecurPost would be the best choice for Twitter scheduling. It is an all-comprehensive platform that gives fantastic services at a reasonable price point.

3. Which is the best Twitter auto tweet bot?

When you inculcate automation in your overall content marketing strategy, you need to make sure that it does not feel heavy on your business’s approach. That is why you need a tweet scheduler that would make your entire Twitter engagement activity look natural and humane. RecurPost is the best Twitter auto tweet bot in this case. It will give you excellent tweet scheduling services and take care of your engagement-building activities.

4. What is Twitter automation?

Twitter automation can be explained as the method of pre-scheduling tweets that get posted automatically on a later date. When you automate Twitter activities, you allow the third-party tool to take care of the posting and scheduling. The tool will also manage engagement on your posts and automate replies to DMs. 

It is a very powerful method to grow your business on social media. A hefty load of work can be taken off your shoulders with the help of automation.

5. How can I automate my tweets for free?

In order to get maximum engagement on your posts, you need to Tweet at the best times for posting. But it is not always manually possible to publish tweets at the best times. Since you might have to publish at odd hours often. In that case, you can take the help of social media schedulers. The best tool that you can use for scheduling tweets is RecurPost. It comes with a 14-day free trial for you to try out the scheduling services.