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How to Schedule Facebook Recurring Posts?

How to schedule Facebook recurring posts.

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As a social media agency, finding effective strategies to boost your Facebook engagement is crucial. One powerful approach is to schedule recurring posts on specific days of the week or dates throughout the year. 

This optimizes your existing content and enhances visibility and interaction without additional resource expenditure. By smartly automating recurring posts, your agency can see noticeable growth in engagement and a better return on investment.

However, the question is how can you schedule Facebook recurring posts efficiently?

Well, here we are to answer all your queries about Facebook recurring posts.

Just scroll your way to find the answers.

Things to consider before you schedule Facebook recurring posts on Facebook

  • Chances of getting Facebook jailed:

Sure thing, Facebook recurring posts can help you target your audience better and grab more engagement, but it is wise to stay compliant with the Facebook policy and never attempt to spam the news feed with too many recurring posts, use the term “official” if the page does not belong to a brand, promoting illegal activities, flagged images or videos, etc. 

Not following the rules can end you up in serious consequences like Facebook jail. No, not the real bar jail, but Facebook’s virtual jail. It is like completely banning your account from the platform.

So, it is advised to keep your recurring post-schedule sensible and offer variety in your content, without overwhelming them.

  • The Use of Repeated Posts by Marketing Agencies:

Many successful agencies use Facebook recurring posts as part of their strategy. This very approach allows them to maintain a consistent presence on Facebook, ensuring that their audience sees their most important messages more than once, which is essential for branding and message reinforcement.

  • Expected Outcomes of Repeated Posting on the Facebook page:

Talking about the results, it can be both positive and as well as negative. The Positive results can be measured as, increased engagement, better brand recall, and more efficient content management.

The negatives can be audience fatigue or getting perceived as spam, if not done wisely.

Here are some screenshots that show how users get annoyed with Facebook repeating posts, when not done right.

  • Selecting Content to Repeat on Facebook: What to Consider:

It’s best to repeat only those posts that have performed well in the past. Analytics play a crucial role here, helping you identify which posts are worth repeating based on engagement metrics like likes, comments, and shares.

If you’re looking for fresh Facebook post ideas to keep your content dynamic even when repeating, consider incorporating user-generated content, engaging polls, or timely and relevant news that reflects your brand’s voice and values.

This approach not only refreshes your feed but also ensures that your repeated posts continue to engage and attract your audience.

  • The Impact of Repetitive Posting on Brand Perception:

As mentioned earlier, if done correctly it can churn out good rewards like better engagement and maximum exposure. However, It can be a curse, if used indiscriminately without any relevance or regard to your brand.

Also when scheduling engagement posts for Facebook group environments, focus on content that sparks conversations and community interaction.

How to schedule Facebook recurring posts using a third-party tool?

Scheduling Facebook recurring posts can be easily done using third-party post scheduler tools like RecurPost. 

It has an in-built evergreen content feature that stands out to be one of the best remedies to schedule your Facebook recurring posts on your Facebook page.

Want to know how? Well, here is a simple guide.

Step 1: Head over to RecurPost and sign up to create your account. The process is straightforward, just follow the prompts.

Step 2: Once you’re logged in, navigate to the ‘Recurring Posts’ tab to get started.

Click on the Recurring posts tab to start scheduling your Facebook recurring posts.

Step 3: Click on “Add new library” to organize your posts.

Click on add new library.

You can name this library whatever you like and choose a color to help differentiate it from others.

Step 4: Confirm your new library by clicking on “Add Library.” 

Click on Add Library.

Note: Make sure not to select the options for “One Time Use Library” or “Seasonal Library”, as the former should only be used if you want to use that library for once, while the latter one only when you want your post to go out on a special occasion, example Christmas.

Step 5: Open the library you just created and select “Add Recurring Posts” to begin scheduling your content. You can also upload your content in bulk with the “Bulk Upload” feature with the help of the manual or CSV method.

Click on the Add recurring post option. You can bulk upload it via CSV too.


Step 6: Upload your desired image and enter the caption you want to use for your Facebook post.

Write a caption and add image.

Step 7: Add your post to the library by clicking “Add to Library.”

Click on Add to library.

Step 8: Now it’s time to schedule when your post will appear. So, click on “Set time slots.”

Click on "set time slots" option.

Then, click on, “Add recurring time slots.”

Click on "Add recurring time slots" option.

Step 9: Choose “Facebook” as your account, then set the frequency of your posts. Options include “Daily/Weekly”, “Monthly,” or “Custom” schedules. 

Select facebook as profile and set the frequency by days, month or custom.

The daily/weekly option can be used if you are running a motivational page and you want to post on a particular day of the week. For instance; “Monday Motivation Quotes.”

The “Monthly” option is useful when there is a festival, say Christmas and you want to post one particular post till the 24th of December. 

“Custom” can be selected when you want to repeat a post on a particular day of the month. For instance, a BOGO offer for a client that goes live every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. 

Step 10: Select your preferred posting time. For optimized scheduling, use the “Auto-schedule for best time” option.

Select time or click on auto schedule option for optimal scheduling.

Step 11: Save your settings by clicking on “Add time slot.”

Select add time slot option.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully scheduled Facebook recurring posts for your Facebook page, and you can see the progress inside the library calendar as shown below.

Library Calendar view.

These posts will follow the time slots that have been added and appear at the regular frequencies that you’ve set. The posts that will be posted will follow a chronological order. This will help you maintain a consistent presence on your audience’s feed.

You can edit scheduled posts by navigating to the recurring posts main menu and clicking on the three-dotted menu. 

Edit recurring posts.

Additionally, if you’re wondering how to post to multiple groups on Facebook simultaneously, RecurPost allows you to manage and schedule posts not just to your page but also across multiple groups you administer. This feature is incredibly useful for ensuring consistent messaging across various audiences.

Seems interesting? Try it yourself with the 14-day free trial.


Using Facebook to repeat posts can really help boost your audience engagement without needing to constantly create new content. Just pick your best evergreen Facebook posts, those that stay relevant over time, and schedule them wisely. 

Also don’t forget to use third-party tools like RecurPost. This strategy is particularly effective for Facebook groups for business scenarios, where regular scheduling of group posts is crucial.

But remember, balance is key. So, mix it up with some new posts too so your audience always has something fresh to enjoy. By keeping an eye on how these posts do and listening to your audience’s feedback, you can make your Facebook strategy smarter and more effective. Stick with it, and you’ll see your Facebook community grow and stay lively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make Sure My Repeated Posts Reach Different Audiences?

To ensure that your recurring posts reach different audiences, practice scheduling them at different times and days. 

What Kind of Content Should I Choose to Repeat?

Always choose evergreen content that remains relevant over time and has historically performed well. This can include post types such as educational, entertaining, or providing significant value in a way that isn’t time-sensitive. Additionally, it is recommended to analyze past engagement to select the best posts for repetition.

How Often Should I Repeat My Posts to Avoid Annoying My Audience?

It is advised to repeat your posts no more than once every few weeks, this will ensure that your repeat posts don’t fall under spamming. Also, it advised to monitor audience feedback and engagement to adjust frequency as needed.

How Can I Track the Performance of My Repeated Posts?

To track the performance of your repeated posts utilize the analytics tools provided by your Facebook management tool, and track engagement metrics of repeated posts, such as likes, shares, comments, and reach. This data will help you understand which posts resonate with your audience and should be prioritized for future repetition.

Are There Any Specific Challenges I Should Be Aware of When Using Facebook Recurring Tools?

Yes, be aware of the risk of content fatigue among your audience. Repeating the same content too frequently can lead to disengagement and look spammy. Always strive to maintain a good balance between fresh and repeated content. Additionally, keep up with Facebook’s algorithm updates that might affect how repeated content is served to users.

How to post on Facebook?

Understanding how to post on Facebook effectively involves selecting the right time and format—whether image, video, text, or link. To streamline your strategy, consider tools like RecurPost for scheduling and ensuring optimal engagement.


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