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Can you Schedule Tweets?

Can you Schedule Tweets

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Are you trying to keep your Twitter feed lively without spending all day online? Good news: you can definitely schedule tweets to make managing your Twitter account easier and more efficient.

You don’t have to worry about missing out on engaging with your audience or not sharing content consistently. Scheduling tweets helps avoid these issues, making sure your brand’s voice stays active and reaches people at the right time.

In this article, we will explore which types of posts you can schedule, different scheduling methods, and solutions to potential obstacles that may arise.

Let’s get started with determining what kind of account you need to schedule tweets successfully.

Scheduling Tweets: What Account Do You Need?

You don’t need a specific type of account to schedule posts on Twitter, but the method you use will depend on which account you have and your desired features:

Personal vs Premium Twitter Account

Personal Account

With a free personal account, Twitter doesn’t allow scheduling directly in the mobile app – you’ll need to log in on a desktop to access this basic built-in scheduling. Options are limited compared to third-party services. 

On the other hand, many social media management tools that charge a monthly subscription cost offer more extensive scheduling options for individual profiles. These tools offer conveniences like mobile access, analytics, and multi-channel support beyond Twitter.

Professional/Business Account

Users with Twitter’s paid business profiles can utilize the Twitter Ads Manager to schedule promotional tweets for free. This platform allows planning Tweets connected to advertising campaigns rather than general account activity.

So while business accounts provide native scheduling, it’s focused specifically on paid advertising rather than universal scheduling needs. Third-party services bridge this gap for business users seeking broader scheduling capabilities.

The key takeaway – all account types can schedule Tweets through some method. You mainly need to determine whether free or paid tools best suit your management preferences and publishing needs.

Type of Posts You Can Schedule

When it comes to keeping your Twitter feed interesting, you have several options for scheduling. Let’s look at what you can plan ahead and what needs to be done on the spot:

Schedulable formats:

  • Standard Tweets: The classic Twitter post format that we all love can easily be scheduled. This means you can write them now and choose when they get posted, natively, or using different tools and methods.
Standard Tweet
  • Threads: Have a story or a bunch of related tweets? You can schedule whole threads. This is great for sharing more detailed information or telling stories over time.
Twitter Threads

Note: You can schedule whole threads only by using some third-party tools because there is no native option available on the Twitter platform to schedule threads.

Unschedulable formats:

  • Replies: If you want to respond to someone else’s tweet, you have to do it in real time. Scheduled replies aren’t possible because they depend on live interaction.
Replies on Twitter
  • Direct Messages: While some scheduling tools manage social media messages, Twitter DMs are designed for private, real-time communication and can’t be scheduled. Remember, DMs are for personal interactions, and just like in real life, they need to happen in the moment.
Twitter DMs
  • Live Video and Spaces: Planning to go live or host a Twitter Space? These are real-time events that can’t be scheduled ahead of time. They’re all about the here and now.
Live on Twitter

Remember: Scheduling is a powerful tool, but don’t let it replace genuine engagement. Use it strategically to enhance your content delivery and save time, while still connecting with your audience in real-time.

Different Methods to Schedule Tweets

Knowing how to schedule your posts can make your life a lot easier. Here are two main ways to do it:

Native Twitter Scheduling

You can use Twitter’s own feature to schedule tweets, but you’ll need to do it from a computer, not the app. When you write a tweet, you’ll see an option to schedule it for a future date and time before you send it out.

Benefits: This method is straightforward and doesn’t cost anything. It’s built right into Twitter, so you don’t need to learn new software.

Limitations: You can only schedule basic tweets. Plus, you need to use Twitter on a web browser, which might not be as convenient as using the app.

set date and time to schedule tweet on x

For a detailed description, please refer to our dedicated page: How to Schedule Posts on Twitter Natively

Third-Party Tools

Alternatively, specialized social media tools like RecurPost enable robust Twitter scheduling. These platforms allow you to get extremely granular with planning and automating Twitter activity.

Benefits: Key features include bulk schedule tweets, recurring schedules optimized for different times/days, deep analytics on performance, monitoring engagement, the ability to schedule full multimedia threads, and more.

Limitations: The trade-off is these tools require paid subscriptions.

schedule tweet on recurpost

For a detailed description, please refer to our dedicated page: How to Schedule Posts on Twitter through Third-Party Apps

When weighing scheduling approaches, think about your volume needs and desired functionality. For minimal or occasional scheduling, Twitter’s built-in options get the job done. To fully automate and analyze Twitter activity explore paid third-party tools.

Overcoming Common Scheduling Obstacles: Challenges and Solutions

Scheduling tweets sounds simple, but you might run into a few hurdles. Here’s how to jump over them:

1. Time Zone Confusion

Challenge: Your followers might live all around the world, in different time zones. How do you schedule tweets so everyone sees them at a good time?

Solution: Use analytics to find out when most of your followers are online, then schedule your posts for those peak times. Some scheduling tools even suggest the best times for you.

2. Content Variety

Challenge: It’s easy to get stuck posting the same kind of tweets over and over, which can bore your audience.

Solution: Plan a mix of content types, like photos, videos, polls, or questions, to keep things interesting. A content calendar can help you keep track and ensure variety.

3. Engagement Maintenance

Challenge: Just because you’ve scheduled tweets doesn’t mean you can ignore Twitter. Your audience still wants to interact with you.

Solution: Make time to check Twitter regularly for replies or messages. Engage with your followers to show there’s a real person behind those scheduled tweets.

4. Over-Scheduling

Challenge: If you schedule too many tweets, you risk overwhelming your followers and losing their interest.

Solution: Be mindful of how often you tweet. A good rule of thumb is a few tweets a day, spread out. Quality over quantity is key.

5. Technical Glitches

Challenge: Sometimes, the tools you use to schedule tweets might not work as expected.

Solution: Despite best efforts, scheduling tools can experience bugs, and platform changes can disrupt posting. Continuously monitor scheduled activity. Have backup scheduling methods and real-time windows ready when issues emerge.


Scheduling tweets is a powerful way to keep your Twitter account active and engaging without needing to be online all the time. By planning, you can ensure your content reaches your audience at the right moments, keeping your brand’s voice consistent across the board.

Remember, the key to a successful scheduling strategy includes understanding the best times to post, maintaining a variety of content, staying engaged with your audience, and avoiding the trap of over-scheduling.

Even with the best planning, staying flexible and ready to adapt is crucial. Keep an eye on how your scheduled tweets perform and be prepared to tweak your strategy as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can anyone schedule tweets, or is it limited to business accounts?

Anyone can schedule tweets, whether they have a personal or business account. The methods available might vary, but there are options for all users.

2. How far in advance can I schedule tweets using Twitter’s native scheduling feature?

With Twitter’s native scheduling feature, you can schedule tweets up to 18 months in advance. This gives you plenty of room to plan your content strategy.

3. Are there any costs associated with scheduling tweets, particularly with third-party tools?

Scheduling tweets through Twitter’s native tools is free. However, many third-party tools offer advanced features and may charge a fee. Costs vary depending on the service and plan you choose.

4. Can I edit a tweet once it’s been scheduled?

Yes, you can edit your scheduled tweet. Go to the scheduled section and click on the post, you will be able to edit the content as well as the scheduled date.

5. Is it possible to schedule tweets with images, videos, or GIFs?

Absolutely! Both Twitter’s native scheduling and most third-party tools allow you to include images, videos, and GIFs in your scheduled tweets.

6. How can I schedule a series of tweets (a thread) to tell a story or share detailed information?

You can’t schedule threads from Twitter but some third-party tools allow you to schedule tweet threads by linking multiple tweets together. This feature helps you plan and execute detailed storytelling or information sharing over time.

7. What is the most recommended third-party tool for scheduling tweets, and why?

RecurPost is the most recommended tool known for its ease of use, comprehensive analytics, and ability to manage multiple accounts. It helps streamline the scheduling process and offers insights into tweet performance.

8. How do I choose the best time to schedule my tweets for maximum engagement?

Analyze your audience’s activity patterns using Twitter analytics or third-party tool insights. Schedule your tweets for when your audience is most active online for higher engagement rates.

9. What strategies can I use to avoid common scheduling pitfalls, like over-scheduling or under-engaging with my audience?

Maintain a balanced posting schedule, diversify your content, regularly check for engagement opportunities, and adjust your strategy based on analytics to avoid these pitfalls.

10. Can I view analytics for my scheduled tweets to measure their performance?

Yes, both Twitter and third-party tools provide analytics that let you measure the performance of your scheduled tweets, offering insights into engagement rates, reach, and more.

11. Is it possible to schedule tweets across multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously?

Many third-party tools offer the capability to schedule tweets across multiple accounts at once, making it easier to manage several profiles.

12. What are some best practices for creating engaging content when scheduling tweets?

Use eye-catching images or videos, ask questions to encourage interaction, use relevant hashtags, and maintain a consistent voice that resonates with your audience.

13. Can I cancel or reschedule a tweet after it’s been scheduled?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule a tweet by going to your scheduled tweets section in Twitter or your third-party tool and making the necessary adjustments.

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