8 Best Twitter Scheduler & Automation tools to maximize engagement

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Social media marketing often consumes a lot of time of marketers. And like any other social media platform, Twitter Marketing needs attention too. Keeping your Twitter account active, open, and reactive demands spending a proper effort on a regular basis. In order to gain maximum engagement on Twitter, it is essential that you post relevant tweets at least 2-3 times a day. Now, this can definitely prove to be a time-consuming task. And that’s when a Twitter post scheduler will work its magic!

Using a Tweet scheduler, you can easily schedule your tweets ahead of time, automate Twitter posts, and keep your account active without being actually working on the platform in real-time. There are a lot of social media scheduling tools that offer a Twitter scheduler. Most of them also allow you to manage multiple Twitter accounts from the same dashboard. 

In order to cut short your work for finding out the best Twitter scheduler, we have made this list of the best tools available from which you choose according to your own requirements!

Here’s the list of 8 best Twitter post scheduler & automation tools

  1. RecurPost
  2. TweetDeck
  3. Tweroid
  4. Twittimer
  5. Postfity
  6. Iconosquare
  7. Social Champ
  8. Social aider

1. RecurPost 

twitter scheduler by recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

RecurPost is an all-in-one social media scheduling tool that offers the management of five social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GMB listings. It provides you with a 14-day free trial using which you can try out the tool thoroughly. Using its editorial calendar, you can plan and schedule months of content in advance. It also recommends the best time to tweet on your accounts.

What makes RecurPost the best Twitter scheduler is its feature to generate tweet variations. Twitter doesn’t allow posting of the same tweet content more than once. Thus, if you wish to upload the same tweet twice or on multiple accounts, you need to modify it a bit and then upload. RecurPost makes this a lot easier by helping you generate tweet variations! Thus, you can schedule recurring tweets without any worries. You can also see the top-performing tweets from the analytics section and produce more content that your audience likes. All the reports can be downloaded and white-labeled for professional use too.

2. TweetDeck

tweetdeck as twitter scheduler by recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

Originally, as it is now, TweetDeck was developed only for managing Twitter accounts. After some years, it introduced support for other social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, and FourSquare. But, when Twitter acquired this software and integrated it into Twitter’s interface, the support for all other networks was removed.

TweetDeck comprises of a series of customizable columns. They can be set up to display your Twitter timeline, mentions, messages, Twitter lists, trending topics, search results, favorites, hashtags, or all tweets by or to a single user. The app uses the automatic and invisible shortening of Twitter’s own URL, whereby a link of any size can use just 23 characters out of the 280-character limit of a Tweet. You can filter all the columns to include or exclude words or tweets from users. 

As a TweetDeck user, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. It allows you to post tweets automatically or schedule them for a later time period.

3. Tweroid

tweroid as twitter scheduler by recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

Tweriod is one of the Twitter tools that lets you get the most out of your Twitter account by helping you know the best time to tweet. This tool analyzes the tweets that you post and also the tweets of your followers. It procures the list of your followers and evaluates the last 200 tweets made by them. Reports are created on the basis of what they tweet at various times every day.

But remember, this tool will only check the tweets of accounts that are public. Protected tweets can’t be analyzed as it is against Twitter’s policies. It takes quite a long time to generate the report, but you can use it to find out the best time to tweet and reach the maximum number of people. Also, if you wish to know what kind of content your audience is posting, Tweriod can help you out.

The more you know about your followers and about their activities and interests, the better you can cater to their content needs. 

4. Twittimer

twittimer as twitter scheduler by recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

Twittimer is a social media scheduling tool that supports posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. All you need to do is log in with your Twitter account, select your time zone, and begin scheduling your posts. Compose a tweet, select the date and time for posting, and upload on multiple Twitter accounts at once. Per tweet, you can add up to 4 photos or 1 video. 

After your tweets get uploaded, you can see them in archive for 60 days, which makes it easy to retweet anytime you want to. It offers you statistics on how your tweets are performing by showing the total number of likes, retweets, replies, and shares. Add RSS feeds from your favorite sites and easily repost the latest content on your account. It helps when you are running out of things to say!

5. Postfity

5-twitter scheduler-recurpost-social media scheduling tool

Postfity is a social media management tool that lets you publish and evaluate the performance and conversion of your uploaded content. It supports scheduling posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Xing.

When you upload to Twitter, you can either post items on your public profile or address them directly to someone by beginning a message with the “@” key, much like the full version of the website. Above any typed message, you can see a number reflecting the number of letters left over for a tweet. If you add links to the tweet – try to paste them at the very end – the chances are that your link will be converted to a preview with a clickable thumbnail rather than plain text.

6. Iconosquare

iconosquare as twitter scheduler by recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

Iconosquare is a strong analytics, management & scheduling tool for brands and agencies all over the world to improve their visibility in social media. It works well when you want to schedule posts, track the activities of rivals, and engage with your audience from within a single forum. It provides support for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With the Media Library, you can upload images using Dropbox or OneDrive.

You can categorize the content and search for images when needed. Whenever you use an image, a tag appears on it, so there’s no risk of posting the same content twice. You can write and store captions and use them later by clicking ‘Saved Captions’ while scheduling your post. The hashtags that you use are stored as suggestions and will appear while writing your caption so that you can quickly use hashtags that you know will get the results.

7. Social champ

social champ as twitter scheduler by recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

Social champ is also a social media scheduling tool offering management of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and GMB along with a Twitter scheduler. Using this tool, you can create, schedule, and analyze tweets from a single place. Social Champ gives you the power to set a personalized schedule for each social profile.

Its bulk uploading feature allows you to schedule loads of content in one go. You can schedule greetings and wishes for longer periods of time that repeat every year on the same date, like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. As similar to most of the social media scheduling tools, Social champ provides automated publishing, customer engagement, social media monitoring, multi-account management, and reporting/analytics. The RSS feed automation enables you to share content easily from third-party websites. The revised and improved analytics lets you monitor and download the data related to the performance of your Twitter accounts.

8. Social aider

social aider as twitter scheduler by recurpost as best free social media scheduling tool

Social aider is also one of the best Twitter scheduler as it allows management of unlimited Twitter profiles from the same dashboard. It ensures an active presence on Twiter through bulk uploading hundreds of tweets at once. It lets you schedule the posts of your favorite bloggers using RSS feeds. Its Google URL shortener immediately shortens the URLs that you connect to your posts when you schedule/upload them.

Using its AI, you can discover content and schedule the ones that you like. It also has an in-built image editor, making it easier to give any last-minute touches to your pictures. Besides Twitter, it has a post scheduler for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google my business. Apart from this, you can create multiple projects. It means that if you have 1 set of personal social media accounts and another set of professional accounts; go on and create 2 different projects to manage them all together.

Final thoughts

Each Twitter scheduler has its own collection of features, so your decision is going to come down to what matters most to you. To begin with, we can recommend starting with the 14-day free trial of RecurPost. Click here to sign up!

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