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Facebook Ads 101: Types of Facebook Ads and How to Use them

Types of Facebook Ads - social media scheduler

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Facebook Ads are to drive traffic and engagement is every marketer’s go-to strategy With its extensive user base, Facebook is the leading social media network.

To make sure you reach out to your target audience at the right time with the right message, Facebook implemented people-based marketing. 

Facebook is home to nearly 2.4 billion monthly active users.

People-based marketing is about channelizing your marketing efforts through the lens of people. 

Find out what your audience like or measure their demographics, run tests, and figure out whether your Ad is reaching the correct audience. But to reach your correct audience, you must post content at the right time.

Facebook’s Business Platform allows users to create result-driven ads. But with so many options to choose from, marketers often get confused about the type of ad that will work best for their Campaign. 

Facebook Ads are a strategic combination of the correct audience, placement, and objective Ads. It shall clarify :

– Who will see this Ad?
– What are we planning to achieve?
– Which type of Ad will show the best results?

We have discussed earlier, how to create an Ad with a focus on the Audience and Placement. In this blog post, we will run you through different types of Ad formats and Ads so that you can figure out how to ace your Ad. 


Types of Facebook Ads Formats

Facebook Ads Using Photos

Photo Ads are by far the most easy-to-create Ads on Facebook. These Ads usually have a Link, CTA and an Image for the user. 

types of facebook ads formats photo by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

The impactful asset of this Ad is the Headline and Ad creativity; your image shall leave a lasting impression on the User’s mind. You can also use specific online tools or stock images to create a captivating graphic. Knowing How To Download a Facebook Video can help you ace the game on Facebook.

Facebook Ads using Videos

Facebook Ads using Videos

As the name suggests, these Ads support a Video in their Ad format. Video Ads drive more engagement than regular ads and are a perfect way to gain a user’s attention.

These simple videos can be created with online websites like Animoto or Powtoon; enter your text and select images. You can also work with pre-defined templates.

Facebook Ads using Slides

In a slideshow Ad, you can use multiple images to create an ad using the slideshow creation Facebook publishing tool on Ads Manager on Facebook, or you can directly upload your slideshow. 

While using the slideshow ad, keep in mind that you put up a captivating thumbnail to make the user’s thumb stop. 

Instant Facebook Ads Experience

Instant Experience Ads, formerly called Canvas Ads, are interactive and fully-immersive ads on Facebook. These Ads work on mobile screens and give the user a built-in microsite experience. These ads hold the user’s attention with features like full screen, zoom in/out, and a combination of photos, videos, gifs, and slideshows.

instant facebook ads experience by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

A carousel Ad has ten different cards on which you can either run a Video or Image Ad. All these cards can have different text and CTA, which allows users to land on the page they want. Carousels are also very effective on Instagram.

carousel as facebook ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

Carousel Ads are usually used for product catalogs, but you can also use them to create awareness and provide specifics of your Brand.


Dynamic Product 

Dynamic Ads are the perfect ad type to re-target the users. The Ads work best for product catalog sales- you must check whether the catalog is updated carefully and whether the Facebook pixel is embedded in your website’s code. 

Facebook will then automatically re-target users using its automation techniques to reach out to the right people with the right products. The downside of Dynamic Ads is broken links, out-of-stock products, and wrong pricing; hence double-check before you run Dynamic Ads. 

facebook ads for dynamic product by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

For example, I recently searched about Instax on Amazon, and a few days later, this Ad popped up on the feed. It has three different colors of Instax, reel, and other products related to the Polaroid camera Instax.


Types of Facebook Ads


App Engagement Ads focus on in-app engagement. This ad can help you scale new users or generate activity within the existing users. With Facebook Business Manager, the main feature of this ad is it lands existing users directly to the app, and non-users are redirected to the play store. This Ad’s specific copy and CTAs allow the User to indulge with particular features of the application rather than just installation. The Image Ad format or Video Ad format works best with this Ad. 

types of facebook ads app based by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

App Installs

As the name suggests, this ad is inclined toward installing the application. This Ad’s copy highlights the core features and functionality of the app to attract users. 

app installs as facebook ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

App Install Ads usually works best with the Image format, provided there is high-value copy to drive engagement. 

Event Ads

Facebook Events are a great way to generate buzz around your event. If you have an upcoming event, this Ad unit is the best way to boost the responses with the right targeting specifics. 

Limit the geographical area according to the event’s location to have maximum responses. 

event ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

If you have a target attendance to achieve for your event, this ad can be a perfect add-on to your campaign strategy. 

Offer Claims

Discounts and offers are a perfect way to lure your audience. This Ad type allows set off-site offers to drive traffic. 

Whether it is a discount coupon, BOGO deal or any other offer, Offer Claim Ads can incorporate any offer with their soft copy and CTA. If the user clicks on the button, he is redirected to the landing page where they can redeem the offer.

To use this Ad type, your Facebook page shall have more than 50 Likes.

offer claims as facebook ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

Brand Awareness

With its extraordinary digital reach, Facebook is by far the most effective platform for increasing the awareness and reach of your Brand. If you want to expose your Brand’s product /services to an overreaching crowd, go ahead with this ad objective. 

Brand Awareness is used when reach is the driving factor of your Campaign. For a successful Brand Awareness Ad, your creative should grab Users’ attention while they scroll on their feed. The quality of your content should be remarkable in this Ad so that the user would want to know more about it. This ad can be a part of any campaign that aims to spread information about your brand.

brand awareness  as facebook ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

Local Awareness

These ads work best to spread the word if you have opened a new store or started a local business. This ad functions just like the brand awareness ad but with enhanced location-targeting features. 

local awareness as facebook ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

To make the experience user-friendly, you can also add CTAs like Call Now or Send Message.


Collection Ads  

Collection Ads give users an instant experience of your products. It is a new feature added to Facebook Ads. It allows the user to browse and shop selected products from the app. This feature provides users with a new in-app shopping experience in a visually immersive way.

collection ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

Lead Generation

It is the most sought Ad type on Facebook, as the name suggests, it focuses on generating leads. Unlike traditional lead generation Ads, these ads have a built-in form inside the app itself.

Hence the user doesn’t have to leave the platform to fill in the form. 

lead generation as facebook ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler
lead generation by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

Lead Generation Ads help get sign-ups for newsletters, email list, events etc. Once the user clicks on the Ad, a form pops up wherein you can ask him for his information. These lead forms are customizable, so you can seek whatever information you require from the User. 

Using these Ads or create dynamic ads with Creatopy, you can set up an appointment, get registrations for your event or get information for Email-marketing. 


Post Engagement

Facebook consistently changes the algorithm of your feed. Hence, even your best posts don’t reach the concerned audience. According to recent updates, only 2-3% of your user base comes across your posts consistently. Post Engagement Ad is a perfect way to boost those figures and ensure your posts reach everyone. 

post engagement as facebook ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

With Post Engagement Ads, you can drive traffic to your page with your best-performing content. This Ad also offers a CTA Button, allowing users to directly like your page for more updates and increase engagement on that particular post. 


Website Conversion

If you want to increase potential conversion on your website, this can be your Ad to ace it. Using website conversion, you can redirect the users who click on Ad to a specific landing page on your website. 

website conversion as facebook ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler
website conversion as facebook ads by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

You have to be a little careful while using them. Once the user reaches your landing page, make sure you ask them to sign up for a newsletter or any free resources. Using website conversion and Email Marketing, you can convert a potential lead.

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