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Your interest in writing for RecurPost is valued.

We prompt people to use their imaginations and recount the tale. But first, thank you for your interest in blogging at RecurPost. This is the place to get the most intelligent and practical digital and social media marketing guidance for bloggers, corporate marketers, company owners, content creators, and small to large businesses.

Write for us - RecurPost social media scheduler

What does our Blog deliver?

Our blog delivers accurate information about social media marketing tips, hacks, and much more.

Want to share your marketing expertise? Got a trendy topic, marketing hack, or unique insights you think people will love to read?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Please notify us, and be our next guest blogger!

But before that, Please take a moment to consider the following points first. After doing so, if you still think your work would be a suitable fit for us, send us an email using the format indicated below. You should expect a reply from us in 2 to 5 days. If we don’t respond to you within 7 days, it is probably that we considered your pitch irrelevant or incompatible with our requirements.

What we're looking for. (a.k.a What topics are big YES to us)

We like collaborating with individual bloggers to offer high-quality content to our site, but please do not write about any trivial or highly fictitious topics. What we do share is well-researched & relevant posts with actionable tips that could actually benefit digital marketers. 

Topics which are big YES to us are :

And any other relevant subjects you can think of.

How to pitch?

You only need to mail us the items listed below :

How to Apply to Blog at RecurPost?

You can become a blogger for RecurPost’s social media scheduler by mailing us at [email protected]. You will also create your byline when you apply, including one link to your business at the end of your blog article.

What Pitches Get Approved?

Once we approve your pitch, the next step will be for you to submit an article – your approval for a guest post must be done through [email protected]; If not, your contribution will be ignored. The following should be considered while posting your contributions.

Note: These guidelines are regularly updated, so review them before submitting your pitch.

RecurPost Blogging Guidelines

RecurPost Blogger Partnership Agreement

When choosing which pitches to accept, we only accept content creators that uphold the collaborative spirit. In light of this, all bloggers who submit content to this site automatically accept the partnership agreement, according to which We will host and promote your content as if it is our own for at least 12 months following publication; the better the content performs, the longer We Will Keep It After 12 Months. In exchange, we want the blogger to create at least one link pointing to our website and promote your contributed piece on at least two social media platforms while tagging us. If you do not comply with the requirements mentioned above, RecurPost will not host any future material from them.