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RecurPost automatically shares your updates at a perfect frequency thereby saving you hours every week

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1For Small Business Owners and DIY Marketers

Social Media is critical to your success online. It gives you the leverage to compete against the “Big Dogs” in your industry. But it can also be imprecise, time-consuming, and hard to track your results.

Recurpost helps you take your business to the next level with added boost and the simplest features than other social tools.

  • RecurPost shares your message, consistently
    Consistent reminder of your business will establish yourself as a brand in your market. We will make sure your name stays fresh in the minds of your audience.

  • Connect with your network effortlessly
    Unlike big brands, your customers want to stay in touch with you. RecurPost can help you create ice breakers to get that conversation started on social media. You will be in touch with your network as the go-to person for your services.

  • Establish legitimacy and authority
    When you are present on social media, you are automatically viewed as more legitimate, authoritative and thoughtful than your competitors. RecurPost gives you an active social media presence. Your customers will know that they can reach you directly via social channels.

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2For Business Owners who Already Work with a Marketing Agency

Are you getting the transparency and results that you hoped for when you first signed up with your Marketing Agency? Tracking social media results is tricky and it’s a common source of friction between businesses and marketing agencies. Recurpost can help you work together seamlessly.

  • Recurpost gives you leads, not just followers.
    Followers are great, but they’re not automatically going to grow your business. Recurpost generates leads that turn into sales with our signature Attract and Close System.

  • Recurpost traces your customers back to your marketing agency’s work.
    You will be able to calculate your ROI on your marketing investment, and build a long term relationship with your marketing agency that you both love.

    You will know:

    • How many new customers did your marketing agency bring in this month?
    • How many sales dollars did those leads produce?
    • What was the cost per customer?
  • Recurpost only gives you the results you care about.
    Everything is tracked within RECURPOST. Our reports are 3rd party independent proof of your results, so you are never in the dark.

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3For Marketing Professionals

How great would it be if you could manage all your clients and team members in one organized place?

Now you can… with Recurpost Client Management you can manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard.

Manage and track your customers separately yet you can compare their growth across the board.

  • Manage your clients
    They get the transparency & ROI they crave, and you get happy repeat customers.

  • Keep the libraries fresh with new content
    Add your content to the library incrementally while we keep posting the existing content for you.

  • Improve team communication and efficiency
    All team members can instantly see the client’s content, calendars, and results.