Who It’s For

RecurPost is centered around the idea of empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs and providing them with the services that they otherwise might not be able to afford. We also offer higher plans that are made especially for business owners who don’t have much time-in-hand.

small business owners

small business owners

business owners

business owners

marketing professionals

marketing professionals

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1Small Business Owners & DIY Marketers

Social media presence is a must these days, even for small businesses. It’s one of the ways they try to compete with the giants of the industry and cover the highly competitive market.

But it’s also true that it takes an incredible amount of time and energy to become a topic of interest for other people.

With RecurPost, all of that can be solved with just a few clicks. We help you further your business aspirations with features that you didn’t know you needed.

  • RecurPost shares your message, consistently. We ensure that your brand’s name stays fresh in the minds of your audience by consistently posting on your social media handles to create an active fanbase.

  • Connect with your network, effortlessly. Small businesses have one major advantage over multinational giants; they are always more in touch with their customers and are able to communicate with them directly. RecurPost works to boost that purpose. It helps you expand your network to cover as many people as possible.

  • Establish legitimacy and authority, will full control. An active social profile is the first thing people notice when making judgments about a company/business. The more engaged you are with your followers, the more the chances of you appearing genuine and attentive towards your customers’ concerns. With RecurPost you can do all of that seamlessly while maintaining your brand’s image.

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2 Business Owners working with a Marketing Agency

Businesses often have to deal with differed opinions and disputes when working with a marketing agency. Not to mention how the results produced are supposedly never fully transparent. With RecurPost, you will have access to our completely transparent White Label Reports which help you analyze your business standing and influence on social media.

  • RecurPost gives you leads, not just followers. Followers surely are a necessity, but it’s also important that you get some real value out of them. With RecurPost, we try to ensure that all the engagement you receive on your content on social media is from real people who care about your business and have a keen interest in.

  • RecurPost traces your customers back to your marketing agency’s work. You will be able to calculate your ROI on your marketing investment, and build a long term relationship with your marketing agency that you both love.

    You will know:

    • The number of new customers your marketing agency brought this month

    • The number of sales those leads produced

    • The cost per customer

  • RecurPost only gives you the results you care about. Everything is tracked within RecurPost. Our reports are 3rd-party independent proof of your results so you always have unbiased results handy whenever needed.

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3 Marketing Professionals

Managing people is never an easy task, not to mention how finding a good place to organize them is even harder. With RecurPost, we help you manage all your clients and team members in one organized place. You can manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard. Manage and track your customers separately yet you can compare their growth across the board.

  • Manage your clients They get the transparency & ROI they crave, and you get happy and loyal customers.

  • Keep the libraries fresh with new content Add your content to the library incrementally while we keep posting the existing content for you.

  • Improve team communication and efficiency All team members can instantly see the client’s content, calendars, and results.