Schedule Multiple Social Media Posts at once with Bulk Scheduling

RecurPost automatically shares your updates at a perfect frequency thereby saving you hours every week

Bulk Upload Social Media Posts

Using RecurPost, you can create loads of updates in just a few clicks. The bulk scheduling feature allows you to effortlessly schedule multiple updates in advance. Thus, you can make sure that you never miss posting content at times when your audience is the most active on social media.

RecurPost also gives you the option to modify and customize your posts. You can bulk upload images, videos, GIfs, as well link posts. Bulk scheduling can be done for all the social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google my business listings. Thus, you can post to multiple social media sites at once easily.

Bulk scheduling
Bulk scheduling preview

Bulk Upload With Images And Links

As compared to most popular social media scheduling tools like HootSuite or Buffer, RecurPost doesn’t limit you with the media that you can upload in bulk. Simply go to your content library, select the option of adding content in bulk, and start adding your updates. Here, you can add two kinds of content in bulk: Text/link updates or image updates. It is even possible to use both in a single update. You can also use the free stock images from RecurPost’s stock library. Please note that the image size can’t be more than 4 MB.

Bulk Upload Through CSV Files

One amazing feature for uploading content in bulk is through CSV or Excel files. If you have a file where all your content information is stored, simply upload it and RecurPost will fetch all the data and create updates according to it for you to preview.

If you are not sure about the format of uploading content through a CSV file, we have a sample file ready for you to download. Majorly, you need to include the message (description or caption), Image URL, and Post URL (for link updates) in the CSV file. After uploading the file, we will generate a preview where you can edit individual updates according to your requirements and add them to library.

Bulk scheduling upload through CSV
Bulk scheduling import content through RSS feeds

Import Content Through RSS Feeds

This option makes it easy to upload multiple posts, quickly and easily from your own blog or the blogs you follow and love. It’s great for republishing evergreen content that you want to re-share regularly and promoting your new blog posts.

To create an RSS feed, you only need to set three things: The RSS address of the feed you want, the library in which you want your feed updates to appear, and approval preferences. When you insert these details, the RSS feed will be added to your selected library. RecurPost pulls in a list of posts it has found from the RSS feed. You can then accept or reject the updates that you want to go out on your social media accounts.

Import Content Through Social Media

RecurPost also lets you import content from your social media accounts. All you need to do is to connect the concerned social media account to RecurPost. Click on ‘Import from a social account’ inside a library and select the social account. RecurPost will then grab all the posts and show you the entire list of posts available. You can then select the ones that you want to add to your content library. This is a great way of creating evergreen updates and using your social media content recurringly. It saves you from manually uploading all the content to the library, especially when you are shifting from another social media scheduling tool.

Bulk scheduling import content through social media
Bulk scheduling preview

Preview Your Content

The intuitive list view makes it very convenient to review all the details of your updates before scheduling them. Once you’re done writing or adding your content, you can preview it before adding it to your library to see how your posts will appear on different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. This will help you visualize what exactly will your audience be seeing from you.

If you add link updates, RecurPost will fetch an image preview and it will be posted on your accounts. However, link updates don’t work for Instagram accounts. The preview allows you to see how your updates will look on each social media platform. You can make changes to your content, save them as drafts, recycle them, or add media images for each post.

Once you’ve previewed your content and are satisfied with how it looks, you can directly add your updates to your selected library. In case you have a change in plans and don’t want to schedule one or some of the posts added, you can directly delete them from the preview screen.

Easy Editing On Your Fingertips

Uploaded the wrong Image or video? Typo errors? Any Last minute changes? No worries! We have got all things covered. You can easily make edits to your content at any given time, so you don’t have to worry about posting the wrong content accidentally. Simply go to your content library, select the update that needs changes, make all the edits that you want, and save it. You can change the social accounts on which you want to post the update, the image, video, link, text, or time of scheduling. It’s practically possible to change the entire update anytime you wish to.

Bulk scheduling edit post
Bulk scheduling made fun

Scheduling Made Fun

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V? So old school! You no longer need to copy and paste the same hashtags and captions for all of your visual content. By simply using our ‘apply to all’ feature, you can apply the same little details for all your posts. This also goes for copying updates. You can copy your schedules in bulk with a single click through ‘Your schedule’ screen.

After uploading your posts in bulk, you can also choose to keep them as drafts until a certain date and set a date for when you want to stop recycling them. Not just convenient, but this feature is incredibly handy for those who have to manage many social media accounts at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

RecurPost allows you to bulk schedule text posts, link posts, and image posts.

No, you only need to set a recurring schedule for your library. All the content added in the library will go out on your social accounts according to it automatically.

Yes, it is possible to edit any update, anytime before it gets uploaded on your social media profiles.

If you are not sure about the details to include in your CSV file, you can always download the sample file provided by us and fill in your details according to it.

If you are on the solo pricing plan, the limit on stored recurring updates is 1000. However, if you are on the business or agency plan, you can create and store unlimited updates.