Comparing RecurPost and eClincher

RecurPost allows you to schedule updates on your social profiles, just like eClincher. RecurPost, however, is a better alternative to eClincher with a number of major advantages over eClincher.


Forever FREE Plan Eclincher has plans which start from $49 per month while we have forever FREE plans to start with. Visit our Plan page for more.

Forever FREE


Supported Platforms RecurPost allows you to post on Facebook Profiles, Groups, and Pages; Twitter accounts, Linkedin Company accounts, Google My Business Profile, and Instagram account. You can do most of this on eClincher too with the exception of Facebook Profile posting.

Import updates from other tools Want to shift to another social media management platform? With RecurPost, that will be a breeze as you can import your content from other tools to RecurPost.

AI based share time optimization RecurPost uses the power of AI to recommend the ideal time for posting content to your social media accounts. This is taking into consideration the time zones, historical data, and many other factors. eClincher does not have such a feature.

Content Categorization/Libraries Both RecurPost and eClincher allow you to categorize content which can be posted later. With regard to ease of use, RecurPost gains brownie points as against eClincher.

Google Alerts Support eClincher does allow you to post via RSS feeds. But Recurpost takes it a step further with Google Alerts support. Visit our Plans Page for more detail.

One-time-use Libraries Both RecurPost and eClincher allow you to create one-time-use libraries for posting. This is great if you have an event coming up and need to publicize it effectively.

Mobile Apps Take your schedules wherever you go with RecurPost's and eClincher's mobile app. Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Chrome Plugin You can add any kinds of updates to your library using a handy Chrome Plugin.

Hashtag Recommendation RecurPost assists you to use the most relevant hashtags for your updates, eClincher has a similar facility only for Instagram.

Team Members Both RecurPost and eClincher allow you to invite and collaborate with your team members and virtual assistants on projects and select which libraries and social accounts you’d like them to manage.

White Label Reports Both RecurPost and eClincher offer White Label social media reports where you can add your own company logo and make yourself appear more detail-conscious and performance-oriented in front of your clients.

Bulk Scheduling Take your digital marketing strategy to a whole new level. Create, upload, and schedule bulk content with RecurPost.

RSS Feeds Both RecurPost and eClincher support RSS feeds, allowing you to find and curate posts from your favorite websites and content creators.

Advanced Analytics Use RecurPost's organized and detailed statistics to study your effect on social media through the number of engagaments received.

Updates with Images and GIF files Both RecurPost and eClincher support media files including images and GIFs.

URL Shortener While eClincher uses its own URL shortener, RecurPost uses Bitly and Google's URL shorteners which are more popular among marketers.

CSV Support Got your data in a CSV file? Simply upload it to RecurPost and have multiple updates made ready just for you.

Content Approval RecurPost's content approval helps you maintain your quality standards. Simply approve or reject an update based on your priorities.

Updates with Videos Including videos in your posts in supported by both RecurPost and eClincher.

Other Comparisons

RecurPost is a great alternative to a number of other social media management tools out there.