How it Works

RecurPost automatically shares your updates at a perfect frequency thereby saving you hours every week

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1Connect your social accounts

The very first step is to connect your social accounts to RecurPost so that we can spread your word even when you are busy with your business' core activities. We will be posting what you want, when you want and target who you want. You will have full control on every single activity yet you will not need to actively spend time on it. Isn't that leverage?

Unlike some of the tools in the market, we are in 100% compliance with every social media platform. You are in safe hands with us. We will never need your password and we will never post anything you do not authorize.

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2Add your content to be scheduled

RecurPost allows you to post text, images, gif and even videos on your social networks. In order to make it easier for you to organize your social updates, we let you categorize them into different libraries such as My Blogs, Promotional Posts, Other People's Content etc.

We even have a bulk upload feature that lets you upload all of your updates to RecurPost in one click.

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3Set a Schedule

Would you like your Facebook account to get Fine Dining tips… and your LinkedIn account to get Small Business tips? That’s easy! With a single click, you can create a simple “map” that sends the right content to the right social media account… every time.

You can not only post these updates once, you can set a recurring schedule. Once an update goes out on your social accounts, it will sit at the end of a library to be posted again once everything else has been posted. You will see your same content bringing you new traffic every time we share it.