How It Works

RecurPost allows you to automatically share your updates at the best time, saving you hours and increasing your social media engagement every week.

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1 Connect Your Social Accounts

The first thing you need to do to start using RecurPost’s social media scheduler is to connect it with your social accounts. RecurPost supports scheduling media posting for 5 major platforms - Instagram personal/business profiles, Facebook profiles/groups/pages, LinkedIn profiles/company pages, Twitter accounts, and GMB listings.This single action will set things in motion. Through it, we will be able to help you with all sorts of things like scheduling your posts, figuring out the best time to post and study your audience to gain maximum traffic.

We will be posting the right content at the right time, and for the audience you want to target. You have full control over everything that goes out to your social accounts. However, you wouldn’t necessarily need to give it all of your time and attention. We’ve designed RecurPost is a way that it serves you the best and also leaves you time-in-hand to do the rest.

2 Create One-off updates

One-off updates are the ones that go out on your social accounts just once (not in a recurring manner). RecurPost allows you to post text updates, images, gif, and even videos on your social media profiles. A one-off updates can be created straight from your Dashboard or Queue page. You can enter details like Message/description/caption, media, or URL, and select the social accounts on which you want to post the update.

If you are falling short of original images to post, you can even select an image from RecurPost’s free stock image library. One-off updates can be posted right away or scheduled for a time in the future. If you are not sure about the time to post, simply select the option of ‘Auto-schedule for best time’. We’ll study the engagement on your social accounts and schedule your update when your audience is active and most likely to interact with your content.

How it works One-off updates
How it works Create Content libraries

3 Create Content libraries

To help you find and organize your content easily, we allow you to create an unlimited amount of libraries such as My blogs, Other people’s content, Shareable quotes, etc. which help you categorize your content without any hassle. When you sign up for RecurPost, these three libraries are created by default.

You can create both one-time use libraries and recurring libraries. The content added in recurring libraries goes out on your social accounts in a loop. This keeps your content evergreen and helps you gain traffic from the same content again and again.

4 Upload content in bulk

Using RecurPost, you can create loads of updates in just a few clicks. The bulk scheduling feature allows you to effortlessly schedule multiple updates in advance. Thus, you can make sure that you never miss posting content at times when your audience is the most active on social media.

There are a lot of options to bulk upload your content. Firstly, you can add two kinds of content in bulk: Text/link updates or image updates. It is even possible to use both in a single update. Secondly, you can upload content through a CSV/excel file. You can download our sample CSV file for reference. Thirdly, you can import content from any website in the form of an RSS feed. Lastly, you can import content from any of your social media accounts and add them to library.

How it works Upload content in bulk
How it works schedule

5 Set A Schedule

Now all that’s left is for you to post these updates on your respective social accounts i.e. Food Blogs for Facebook, Business Articles of LinkedIn, Photography for Instagram, etc. You can either post them once or set a recurring schedule according to your business needs.

Once a post has gone out to your social account, it moves back to the end of the line of content waiting to be posted again when all the other posts have gone out, and the cycle continues. This way, you’ll be able to generate new traffic without having to write new content every time. This works best for promoting your own blogs, new as well as old.

6 Check your performance

Only posting consistently will not help you grow your social accounts. It is necessary to know what kind of content is liked by your audience and what’s not. And that can be found out from the advanced analytics offered by RecurPost. You will be able to see the engagement received on each post and also the top-performing posts for the selected period of time.

This will help you in reforming your content strategy according to the preferences of your audience. Through White Label reports, RecurPost provides you with one of the best ways to professionally brand your business. You can even use your own company logo, giving out the idea that you pay attention to the details.

How it works performance
How it works team collaborate

7 Collaborate with your team

A task done in coordination is a task well-done. Following the same belief, RecurPost allows you to add, manage, and work with your team members so as to gain maximum control and efficiency in your workplace. You or your clients no longer need to share the credentials of your social account to delegate work to team members and keep a check on them. Our intuitive feature allows you to easily understand who’s working on what.

Team members can even manage more than one RecurPost account together. This feature will prove to be useful when you have a large team working on social media management. You can help manage your clients’ accounts by providing your team members access to different libraries and social accounts, assuring that things are kept organized.

8 Manage your social accounts on the go

RecurPost enables you to edit, organize, and manage your social media accounts from anywhere you want. You are not limited to your desktops for using our social media scheduler. Our mobile application is available for both Android and iOS users. Using it, you can make sure that you never miss out on important notifications from your social accounts. Even if there are any last-minute changes to be made, they can be managed through the application itself.

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