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How To Schedule Posts on LinkedIn in Advance: Why and When

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With over 740 million active users under its belt, LinkedIn is a massive platform for working professionals. One can schedule posts on LinkedIn repeatedly and attain any imaginable marketing goal they would want.

You might have this question: Why to be on LinkedIn at all? Are other platforms not good enough even though I have a great social media presence?

Sure, they can be good. But LinkedIn can be better if you want to create an appeal and presence in the world of business. Did you know that nearly 40 million people looked for jobs on LinkedIn every week in the year 2020?

That’s huge. If you choose to market yourself as a professional or even for brand promotion on social media platforms like LinkedIn, you can schedule LinkedIn posts and get mind blowing engagement on your posts. 

Why You Should Schedule Posts on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is no longer just a professional networking platform. It has managed to become one of the top players in the social media networks market. Delivering the right content at the right time here will get you more brownie points than the designated amount of brownie points. Hence, you should be aware of the best time to post on LinkedIn in order to make your content visible.

Here are reasons why you should schedule posts on LinkedIn:

1. Consistency in Content 

schedule posts on linkedin - consistency in content | recurpost best social media scheduling tool

One of the biggest points to check in ensuring content marketing success would be consistency in content pattern. You can achieve this by planning and scheduling multiple posts ahead of time. 

When you choose to schedule a post on LinkedIn, you practically plan for the week to come. It is like being proactive in a game that all your competitors are playing. 

You can identify content gaps through this process and can mitigate any shortage of content well in advance to avoid last minute mishaps.

2. Reduces Chances of Errors and Duplication of Tasks

schedule posts on linkedin - reduce errors & duplication | recurpost best social media scheduling tool.png

People usually work in teams. When you work with a lot of people, it is likely that tasks might get mixed-up or get lost somewhere in the calendar that manages a team.

Sometimes, the person responsible for carrying out a certain task might get caught up with something else at the last hour, or maybe a technical issue arises. Consequently, a planned post might actually never go out. 

When all your posts are scheduled for posting ahead of time, the scope for such errors is eliminated. 

3. Boosts Team Productivity

schedule posts on linkedin to boost team productivity | recurpost best social media scheduling tool

Even if the posts are not going amiss, someone actually has to spend time and efforts to make it live. When you schedule and automate LinkedIn posts in batches, that person can free-up some of their hours and focus on other important tasks like optimizing content for the future and strategy building.

They will have more time to analyze the performance of their content and improve any shortfalls. Moreover, the process of managing content across multiple social media networks becomes more streamlined.

How to Schedule Posts on LinkedIn with RecurPost?

If you are looking for a social media scheduling tool that does it all then RecurPost is your best bet. It is the best LinkedIn post planner in class. If you are someone who is looking to manage multiple social media accounts, you can opt for the advanced plans. However, if LinkedIn post scheduler is your only requirement, a basic plan will work for you with an option of social media bulk scheduling.

Here are the steps you need to follow to schedule posts on LinkedIn:

1. Create an Account With RecurPost

In order to get started, the first and most expected step would be to sign-up with the application.

You can go to RecurPost and create an account in your name for free. Add in details like your email address and your name, and you will be ready to kick-start your LinkedIn scheduling experience.

2. Add Your Social Media Accounts

Once you create your account, you will enter the RecurPost dashboard from where you can navigate across different services and features offered by it. 

On the dashboard, you will get the option to manage your social accounts as well as content libraries.

To add in an account, click on the option that says “add social accounts” on the left-hand side panel. 

schedule posts on linkedin - add social accounts | RecurPost best social media scheduling tool

3. Connect Your LinkedIn Account

Once you click on that option, the following window will appear on your screen:

schedule post on linkedin - connect linkedin accounts | recurpost best social media scheduling tool

From these options, you can choose from a profile or company under the LinkedIn section. Select the one you would want to connect. 

After choosing a desired option, you will be taken to the LinkedIn login screen where you will be asked to enter your LinkedIn username and password. Post that you will be asked to grant certain permissions to RecurPost in order for it to be able to operate your account. 

Rest assured about your privacy because RecurPost guarantees the safety of your personal information and login credentials. You have to click on “allow” and your desired LinkedIn account will connect with the application, ready for scheduling.

4. Add Content Libraries

Now, you are to move onto the step where you create content libraries. Think of it as storing all your digital marketing ideas under an umbrella from where you can access them anytime you want.

You get 3 libraries by default when you sign-up. It’s upon you to use them or get rid of them and create fresh ones. If you do choose to create a new library, you need to go to the libraries menu and click on the “add new library” option.

schedule posts on linkedin - add content libraries | recurpost best social media scheduling tool

You have to fulfill the following three checkpoints while creating a library:

  • Name – You can name your library the way you want but make sure it’s distinctly identifiable and symbolic of the type of content it stores.
  • Color code – There is the option of assigning a distinct color code to each library. So you can choose a color based on the content type or based on the social media platform you store it for.
  • Choose between one-time or recurring updates – If you do not want to create updates that roll out in a repeating cycle, you can make a one-time use library.

You should note that all updates added in the one-time library will be stored until used for posting. They will not go out in a repeating fashion. 

After filling in all details, you can select “add library”. Voila! Your library is up and ready to get filled with some amazing content!

5. Add New Content

Once your account and libraries are set-up, you will have the option of adding one-off posts that will be released only once, or you can create updates for repeated use that will go out multiple times in the future. 

Go to your dashboard and click on “share a post box”, from here you will be creating your one-off post.

schedule posts on linkedin - add new content | recurpost best social media scheduling tool

Once you open the box where you can create an update, you will have the option of adding in all details about your update. You need to add the message or the description, it can be a link or text. There is also the option of adding media like images, GIFs, and videos. The latest integration of RecurPost with Canva will make your job of finding good quality images easier than you can imagine.

schedule posts on linkedin - add content | recurpost best social media scheduling tool

Once all the details are added, choose the social accounts on which you want to post. There is an icon with an eye in the bottom right corner, if you want to see how your post looks before posting, click on that. You will get an exact preview of what is to go live soon. 

Now, let’s say you want to add the update to your library for later use or editing, you have the ability to do so by clicking on the “repeat this post” button. This will copy your one-off post to your selected libraries and it will get published as per how those libraries are scheduled.

schedule posts on linkedin with one-off posts sharing | recurpost best social media scheduling tool

Once you are done with all of that, it’s finally time to put your post on a schedule. You can do this by selecting the “schedule update” button and then adding in the preferred date and time for posting. All your posts will be published on LinkedIn as per the schedules. RecurPost also suggests the best time to post on social media to help you out further.

How You Can Grow Your Connections on LinkedIn by Publishing Content

There are two basic ways to publish content on LinkedIn and have a chance to grow your network.

One is LinkedIn Pulse or LinkedIn publisher that will let you publish long form content, usually articles having six to seven sections.

And then there is LinkedIn status update which is suitable for precise or short-form content. You can publish concise messages or updates via this feature.

As per observations by experts, short-form status updates on LinkedIn are likely to get more engagement than long published posts. Over the past few years, the visibility of long-form published posts has decreased.

When Should You Schedule Posts on LinkedIn 

schedule linkedin posts - best time to post on linkedin

It is not easy to beat an algorithm of a social media platform. When it comes to scheduling LinkedIn posts , multiple studies have been conducted to find out the best times for posting on LinkedIn as well as the worst times to post. As per the studies, here are the best times for LinkedIn posting:

  • Best times to post – Tuesday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to noon
  • Best days to post – Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Worst day to post – Sunday

The pattern of engagement on LinkedIn has become astoundingly consistent throughout the United States work week. This is anticipated because LinkedIn is focused on professionals. It is natural that engagement on LinkedIn will be low on weekends and you will get more eyes on your content on the weekdays.


As we mentioned before, LinkedIn is a massive platform for professionals to connect and network in the world of business. Your marketing team should use this platform’s power to get your brand to places.

However, it is not easy marketing solo or in teams to keep up with consistent posting and maintain a regular posting schedule. That is why you should schedule posts on LinkedIn.

Scheduling posts will help you free up many essential hours you could use for other important tasks. It will also help you stay on top of your content game.

This blog guides you through the process of scheduling LinkedIn posts in advance. RecurPost also allows posting on other social media platforms and offers multiple valuable features under one umbrella.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you schedule LinkedIn posts in advance?

Absolutely yes. You can schedule LinkedIn posts in advance. Scheduling posts in advance has multiple benefits. You can maintain consistency in your content and build engagement over time with it. All you have to do is sign-up with a third party tool like RecurPost. It offers top-of-the-line social media scheduling services for all major social media networks. From there you can create and account for free and choose a service plan that suits your needs.

2. Which is the best LinkedIn scheduling tool?

There are multiple options available in the market regarding social media scheduling tools. Talking about LinkedIn in particular, RecurPost is the best available option. It provides excellent LinkedIn scheduling features and the ability to manage multiple social accounts on other platforms simultaneously.  

3. What is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

Keeping a tab on the best and worst times to post on LinkedIn is important to build a lasting connection with your audience. If your content doesn’t reach your users when they are around, there is no point in posting it.
Here are some observations that will help you choose the best and worst times to post:
– Most clicks and shares received – Tuesdays, 11AM-12 PM
– Worst time to post on LinkedIn – The Wee hours or the sleeping hours (typically between 10 PM and 6AM) right before Monday and after Friday night.
– Peak time of use on a regular day – 12 PM; 5-6 PM
 – Best times to publish posts – 7 to 8 AM; 5 to 6 PM

4. Should you post every day on LinkedIn?

An important question to know is how often you should post on LinkedIn to get maximum engagement? According to LinkedIn itself, one should post every single business day on the platform. The minimum number of recommended times is 3 times a week and the maximum you should go till is no more than 2 posts per day. In fact, HubSpot says that if you post more than once per day, chances are that your engagement will drop. 

5. How to schedule posts on LinkedIn in advance?

Automating LinkedIn posts can hold a great deal of benefits for your business. Your marketing team will never have to worry about failing to put good content out there. Plus, automation can take a significant amount of workload off your shoulders. You can schedule LinkedIn posts in advance by using RecurPost’s social media scheduling services. Follow these steps to get started:
– Create an account with RecurPost
– Choose your service plan as per your needs (get a 14-day free trial for starters)
– Connect your LinkedIn accounts
– Create a post and add the media of your choice
– Hit the schedule button and voila! You are good to go.
– You can create recurring schedules with the content library feature

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