Linkedin Post Scheduler: How to Schedule Posts Effectively?

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When it comes to social media marketing, most of the businessmen don’t look above Instagram and Facebook. But as a business, it is crucial to have a presence on LinkedIn, especially for B2B marketing. It is a platform not only to search for jobs, but also for making professional connections and generating profitable leads. LinkedIn marketing is one of the best techniques to approach your target audience and the best spot to meet experts belonging to your industry. Thus, it is necessary to be active on the platform and to continuously post in order to be seen by relevant people. If you find it too time-consuming to post manually, you can use a LinkedIn post scheduler to do the task.

RecurPost is one such social media scheduling tool using which you can schedule posts on multiple social platforms, including LinkedIn. It offers a lot of additional features apart from the traditional LinkedIn post scheduler.

Why use RecurPost as a LinkedIn Post Scheduler?

1. Always stay active:

When you use RecurPost a LinkedIn post scheduler, you can schedule a large number of posts beforehand. You’d not have to manually upload posts in real-time. Thus, even when you are not using the platform, your posts will go live at the scheduled time periods and your account will always stay active.

2. Form a content strategy

Using RecurPost, you can create content libraries and categorize them according to your preferences. This will help you in keeping a clean arrangement of the type of posts that you want to publish. You’ll also see the count of your libraries which will give you an idea of how many posts need to be added or reduced.

3. Manage both profiles and pages

RecurPost’s scheduler lets you manage post of both LinkedIn profiles and company pages. Thus, you can take care of your personal as well as business content from the same dashboard. 

4. Track your performance

RecurPost provides you with advanced analytics through which you can track the performance of your posts on LinkedIn. You can see your top-performing posts and know what is liked by your audience. 

5. Learn about your audience

In the analytics section, you’ll be able to see the demographics of your audience. You’ll know their age group, gender, location, and lot more. By knowing all such data, you will be able to create more relevant content according to your target audience.

6. Live chat support

There is 24/7 live chat support provided by RecurPost. You can message your queries and get instant solutions. Apart from that, there are in-depth tutorials and guides that will help you in learning how you can use RecurPost’s functions and make the best out of this LinkedIn post scheduler.

How to schedule posts on LinkedIn using RecurPost?

RecurPost offers a 14-day free trial using which you can connect and manage all your social profiles. If you are looking to manage only LinkedIn, a small plan will suffice for all your needs. Let’s see the steps to use RecurPost’s LinkedIn post scheduler. 

1. Create a RecurPost account:

No doubt, the first step will be to sign up for a RecurPost account. You just need to go to and create your account for free. You’ll only be required to enter your email address and name to get started with your scheduling journey.

2. Add social accounts:

After creating your account, you will be taken to the dashboard. From here, you will be able to manage your social accounts as well as content libraries. On the left-hand side of the screen, there will be options to connect your social accounts. 

add social account for linkedin post scheduler by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

3. Connect LinkedIn:

Select ‘Connect LinkedIn’ and a pop-up window will appear. Under the LinkedIn section, there will be two options: Profile and Company. Select the one that you wish to connect.

connect linkedin for post scheduling by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

You’ll be taken to the login screen, where you need to enter your LinkedIn email and password. The next screen will ask you to give certain permissions to RecurPost in order to post on your account. Don’t worry, no personal information or login credentials will be saved or used by RecurPost. Click on ‘Allow’ and your LinkedIn account will be connected.

4. Add content libraries:

The next step is to start creating content libraries. While on the dashboard, on the right-hand upper corner, you’ll see a button saying ‘Add new library’

add new libraries for linkedin post scheduler by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

While creating a library, you need to set three things:

  • Name of the library: Give your library a meaningful name so as to make it easier to identify it and quickly grasp the type of content that’s stored in it.
  • Color of the library: You can also add custom colors to your libraries depending on the content they store or the social platform they are made for. For instance, “Facebook posts” could be blue, and “Instagram posts” could be purple.
  • One-time use or Recurring library: In case you don’t want to post your updates recurringly i.e. in repeating cycles, you can choose to create a ‘One-time use library’. Updates in this library once posted, will expire and not used recurringly. 

Keep in mind that the updates you add in a one-time-use library are not recurring in nature and will expire once posted on your social accounts. Once you have set these details up, go ahead and click ‘Add Library’. Your library is now created! Go ahead and fill it up with new content!

5. Add new content:

You can choose to either add one-off posts that will go out to your account just once or you can create an update in your library for repeated use. Head over to your Dashboard and simply click on the “Click here to share something on your accounts” box. This is where you’ll be creating your one-off post.

add new content for linkedin post scheduler by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

From there, you will be able to add in all the details of your update including the message i.e. description which can either be a link or simply textual content. You can also add images, GIFs, or videos by clicking on the down arrow beside ‘Add Media’. If you don’t have an image ready at hand, you can also ask RecurPost for copyright-free images!

add new content for linkedin post scheduler by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

After adding those details, select the social accounts that you want to post on. Now, on the right, you will be able to see a preview of how your post will look like on each social platform once posted like so:

add new content for linkedin post scheduler by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

Now, in case you also want to add this update to your library as well for later use or editing, you can do so by ticking the ‘Add this update to libraries too’ box. This means that your one-off post will also be copied to your selected libraries which you can later edit as per your preference.

add new content for linkedin post scheduler by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

Once you’re done with that, it’s now time to schedule your post. You can do so by ticking the ‘Schedule Post’ button and selecting your preferred date and time of posting. That’s it! Your posts will be uploaded on LinkedIn according to the set schedules.

6. Additional deets:

If you’re not sure what time to post at, RecurPost also allows you to set up a best-time schedule. Here, we auto-schedule your post for the time when it is most likely to receive the highest engagement on social media once posted.

To activate this feature, click on “Auto-schedule for the best time within 24 hours” and RecurPost will find the best time within the next 24 hours to post your one-off update.

additional deets for linkedin post scheduler by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

If your update contains a link, you can also shorten your link and make it more readable by ticking the ‘Shorten URL’ button. You can shorten your URL links automatically for your recurring schedules using either Firebase by Google or Bitly. If you haven’t yet connected your Bitly account to RecurPost, you can do it under the Plug-in menu.

Find it under the drop-down menu by clicking on your account name. From there, go to “Plug-ins” > “Manage” under URL Shortener > “Manage” under Google URL Shortener (Firebase) or Bitly URL Shortener. Thus, apart from the basic post scheduler, RecurPost offers much more to make your LinkedIn marketing efforts prove to be fruitful.

How to add updates in your RecurPost library

Adding updates in your library is pretty much the same as adding one-off posts. Go to your Dashboard and click on the library that you wish to add content in.

how to add updates in your recurpost library by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

Inside the library, click on the ‘Add an update’ button.

add an update-linkedin post scheduler by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

In the following “Add an update” window, add in all your details the same way we saw for one-off posts.

For updates in your library, you can also select whether you want to keep them as drafts until a certain date. These updates will basically be on a stand-by until their ‘release date‘.

After the release date, they will start going out to your social accounts recurringly according to your schedule.

You can also choose to make these updates stop going out to your social accounts after a certain ‘expiry date‘. After the expiry date, your update will expire and will go to a separate content library named “Expired Content.“

 add an update-linkedin post scheduler by recurpost as best social media scheduling tool

Now, if you want this update to go out next before any other update from this library, you can click on ‘Make it the next post to go out’ button.

Clicking this button will set this update as a priority. This feature is especially useful for news companies or ad agencies for keeping up with the latest trends.

Once you have set all of that up, go ahead and click on the blue ‘Add To Library’ button. This update will now go out to your LinkedIn/ social accounts according to your schedule.

That’s all! You now know how adding content on RecurPost works!

The bottom line

Scheduling on LinkedIn is as easy as pie while using RecurPost’s post scheduler. This social media scheduler will make your mundane and time-consuming tasks much interesting and easier. Using the RecurPost app, you’ll have the freedom to manage your LinkedIn and other social accounts from anywhere and at any time.

The pricing plans start from just $25/month – making it suitable for everyone including but not limited to bloggers, freelancers, coaches, artists, startups, solo entrepreneurs, medium as well as large enterprises.

So what are you waiting for? Start using this LinkedIn post scheduler now! Click here to begin the journey!

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