Instagram post scheduler: 9 Free tools to automate your posts

Instagram post scheduler-recurpost-social media scheduling tool

Do you want to get more outputs out of the effort you put into managing your Instagram account? Well, who doesn’t? More than 1 billion people use Instagram and 500 million of those users check the app every day. With such a large audience sharing their posts, you need to make more efforts to bring your content across people and increase your reach on Instagram. According to a study, people who post at least once a day get the most likes, comments, and shares. It might seem like a difficult task, but can be managed easily by using an Instagram post scheduler.

By using an Instagram post scheduler, you will be able to manage a lot of content at once through bulk scheduling. Scheduling posts ahead of time will let your posts go out without being actually active on the platform. Some Instagram post schedulers offer a bunch of other features apart from basic scheduling. 

We’ve made a comprehensive list of 9 free Instagram post schedulers which you can use to manage your accounts like a pro. 

  1. RecurPost
  2. Preview
  3. Bettr
  4. Combin
  5. Apphi
  6. Ingramer
  7. IconoSquare
  8. OnlyPult
  9. ViralTag

Let’s have a look at all of these Instagram post schedulers one by one.

1. RecurPost – Best free Instagram post scheduler

instagram post scheduler-recurpost-social media scheduling tool

RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool that offers an Instagram post scheduler. Besides Instagram, it also provides support for other social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google my business. The following are the features that you can get while using RecurPost:

  • Bulk scheduling: Bulk Scheduling makes it easier than ever to post multiple images, video, or GIF files all at once without having to post them all individually, saving you a ton of time and effort and increasing your work efficiency, leading to better and faster results.
  • Recurring updates: An additional and uncommon feature offered by RecurPost is the ability to create recurring updates. By creating recurring schedules, you can repurpose your content and keep attracting new audiences from the same content again and again.
  • Auto-post at best times: When you schedule your content for the best time to post on Instagram, we automatically figure out the time when your posts are most likely to be viewed by your audience, giving you increased activity on your social account and boosting the overall engagement received.
  • Advanced analytics: RecurPost has the feature of advanced analytics, through which you can track the performance of your social sites. Additionally, you’ll be to learn a lot about your audience. You’ll be able to check their country, state, age group, gender, and a lot more. You can easily check your top-performing posts which will give you an idea of the kind of content that your audience likes.
  • Hashtag recommendation: The best way to increase your reach on Instagram is to use the proper hashtags on posts. With RecurPost, you can create bags of tags and use them while uploading posts on Instagram.

Pricing: Free plan, paid plans start from only $15/month.

2. Preview – Instagram feed planner

preview instagram post scheduler by recurpost social media scheduling tool

Preview is an app available for android as well as iOS users. It offers the management of multiple Instagram accounts. Below are the features provided by Preview:

  • Feed designing: Upload all the pictures that you wish to post on Instagram, and then use the drag-and-drop method to arrange and decide their sequence.  This helps in designing your overall feed and lets you have a loo-and-feel before actually uploading the pictures.
  • Repost: This Instagram post scheduler allows you to repost already uploaded pictures from your feed. 
  • Editing tools: Preview offers some in-app editing tools, using which you can apply themed filters to your photos.

Pricing: Free plan with limited features, paid plans start from $6.67/month

3. Bettr – Instagram post scheduler for Apple users

bettr instagram post scheduler by recurpost social media scheduling tool

Bettr is an Instagram post scheduler tool that is only available for Apple users. Some of its influencer-focused features include the following:

  • Plan your feed: Choose photo or story, edit post info, and select day & time for uploading content.
  • Best time to post: It lets you know the best time to schedule posts & stories based on your audience. Everyone is unique, and it helps you optimize posts for the most engagement.
  • Grid preview: It allows you to see exactly how your content will appear in your feed before you schedule.
  • Automated first comment: Keep your captions clean by automatically adding your hashtags to the first comment.

Pricing: Starting from $10/month.

4. Combin – Post scheduler for multiple accounts

combin instagram post scheduler by recurpost social media scheduling tool

Combin is also solely dedicated to managing Instagram accounts. Below are some of its useful features: 

  • Plan and schedule Instagram content: Upload images in bulk, and plan stories and posts for auto-publishing.
  • Manage multiple accounts: Combin’s Instagram post scheduler lets you manage up to 15 accounts simultaneously.
  • Track activity and growth: Keep a check on the account’s activity, followers gained, etc.
  • Image size editing: By using the crop and zoom feature, you can fir your images to the aspect ratios that Instagram supports.

Pricing: 7-day free trial, plans start from $15/month.

5. Apphi – Post scheduler for Instagram IGTV

apphi instagram post scheduler by recurpost social media scheduling tool

Apphi is a software available for iOS, Android, and desktop offering post scheduler for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It offers the following features:

  • Automated posting: Schedule and post on feed, stories, and IGTV.
  • Tag people and location: Apphi allows you to tag other users in your posts from the app itself. You can also add location while scheduling posts.
  • Add first comment: The first comment gets automatically generated when you upload a post.
  • Insights: Check the likes, comments, shares, follower gain, and other insights.

Pricing: Free basic plan, contains in-app purchases.

6. Ingramer – A simplified Instagram post scheduler

ingramer instagram post scheduler by recurpost social media scheduling tool

Ingramer provides a complete Instagram marketing toolkit along with a post scheduler. It offers the following features to its users:

  • Scheduled posting: Schedule images, videos, carousels, and Stories on the desktop – edit and save drafts.
  • Hashtag search: Find the trending hashtags and use them in your posts to increase the reach.
  • Profile search: Find influencers in various niches, discover competitors and partners without registration.
  • Profile analyzer: Get precise and visualized stats on any public Instagram account – discover audiences, rates, posting time, hashtags, activity, and much more.
  • Direct chat: Use targeted bulk messaging, automated replies, and quick replies. It offers label chats for all your Instagram accounts.

Pricing: Starts at $57/per month

7. IconoSquare – Instagram post scheduler with analytics

iconosquare instagram post scheduler-recurpost-social media scheduling tool

IconoSquare provides an Instagram post scheduler with efficient analytics. The following are its features:

  • Advanced scheduling: With advance scheduling, Iconosquare users are able to manage their Instagram posts. You can simply draft the posts and IconoSquare posts them as scheduled. 
  • Comment tracking: You can use Iconosquare to track up to 30 comments and either delete inappropriate comments, mark them as read, or individually reply to each one of them.
  • Follower locations: This Instagram post scheduler lets you know the location of your followers. Thus, you can find out the areas from where your majority of followers belong to.
  • Daily lost/gained followers: This feature will let you know how many followers you gained or lost in a given period of time.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, plans start from $39/month.

8. OnlyPult – Instagram post scheduler with in-built editor

onlypult instagram post scheduler by recurpost social media scheduling tool

OnlyPult provides a post scheduler for Instagram, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a few other social sites. Below are some of the features provided by this tool:

  • Manage multiple accounts: OnlyPult allows you to take care of numerous accounts from the same dashboard, saving you from switching accounts every now and then.
  • Delegate your work: Connect your employees or clients to the account. Give your social media managers access to accounts without giving them the credentials.
  • Analyze results: You can track the volume and growth in your follower count from time to time.
  • Image and video editor: With the in-built editing tools, you can edit your photos as well as videos before scheduling them.
  • Monitor: You can search and get information on mentions of your competitors, partners, buyers, and find potential customers.

Pricing: Free plan, paid plans start from $19/month.

9. Viral Tag – Post schedule for multiple sites

viraltag instagram post scheduler by recurpost social media scheduling tool

Viral tag supports posting on Instagram, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Some of the features offered by this social media scheduler are:

  • Bulk upload of content: Viraltag also connects directly to your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to pull content in bulk and schedule on your social accounts.
  • Hashtag suggestion: Viral Tag suggests you hashtags on the basis of posts that you upload. You can add them while creating schedules to make your posts reach to maximum people.
  • Post recycling: Viraltag automatically recycles your top performing evergreen content to get more out of each post.
  • Collaborate with team: Collaborate and plan your social media plan with your entire team on a shared marketing calendar.

Pricing: 14-day free trial, plans start from $24/month.


There you have it, the 9 best Instagram post scheduler available out there at the most competitive prices. Choose the one on the basis of your needs and budget, plan your Instagram feed, and post the right content at the right time. Spend some time testing some of your favorites ones from the list and start growing your social accounts. 

To begin with, we’d recommend you to try out the forever free plan provided by RecurPost. You can use the tool without providing any credit card details for as long as you want. Click here to sign up!


  1. Shelly October 21, 2020 Reply

    I am currently using Later to schedule my Instagram posts, and I love it because it’s free, and it is the one I hear mentioned the most so I’m surprised it isn’t on this list. Also, a word about Recurpost…I am using Recurpost for Facebook and Twitter but it does not automatically post your Instagram posts for you, what it does is sends you a notification and then you have to click on a few things to create your post, so it isn’t automatic at all which is why I use Later for Instagram posts. (I do, however, LOVE Recurpost for Twitter and Facebook!)

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