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How YouTube Algorithm Works in 2024: Complete Guide

Learn how YouTube's algorithm determines video recommendations in our detailed blog at RecurPost. Understand the key factors that affect video visibility and get tips to boost your content's reach on the platform. Perfect for content creators looking to enhance their YouTube strategy.

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By the end of April 2024, YouTube has achieved the position of the world’s 2nd most popular social media platform. The secret behind its massive user engagement lies in the sophisticated YouTube algorithm. This complex AI system determines which videos to recommend using key factors like watch time, engagement, and click-through rates (CTR). It matches users with content they will love, keeping them hooked on the platform. Yet, the workings of the YouTube algorithm still remain a mystery, especially for digital creators looking to leverage it.

Content creators, influencers, and marketers are eager to learn about YouTube algorithm hacks. If your business counts on YouTube video content or you’re focusing on reaching a wider audience, you’re in the right place. This blog will explore different segments of YouTube and offer actionable tips to boost your content’s visibility.

How Does The YouTube Algorithm Work?

Navigate YouTube Algorithms

The YouTube algorithm is a complex AI system designed to deliver the best results with minimal effort. The algorithm operates slightly differently in every segment, as outlined below.

YouTube Home Page

The YouTube homepage is a personalized page for every user, featuring a mix of personalized recommendations, subscribed channels, popular results, and the latest news. It is designed to help users quickly find the video content they are interested in. But how does the homepage algorithm assemble relevant content for each user?

The homepage algorithm tracks user patterns for customization. It uses individual user viewing history, search history, and previous video engagement to determine which videos to show. The homepage content is influenced by a combination of popularity metrics (likes, dislikes, comments, average watch time, CTR, etc.) and user behavior. 

Suggested Videos

Ever wondered how YouTube convinces its users to watch more videos? The YouTube recommendation algorithm constantly adapts and learns new techniques to provide the best results.

The suggested video algorithm studies content performance analytics and user sessions to increase personalization. 

It matches popular video content with user requirements using ‘Signals‘—80 million pieces of information including watch history, search history, channel subscriptions, likes, dislikes, ‘Not Interested’ feedback selections, ‘Don’t recommend channel’ feedback selections and satisfaction surveys.

This detailed information helps the recommendation algorithm suggest trending videos and frequently watched content. Users can also alter their suggested video list based on various options like related content, similar artists, previously seen and recently uploaded videos.

Search Results

How does the YouTube algorithm affect search results? How does YouTube show relevant content in search results?

The YouTube search algorithm feeds on every video detail to enhance search results. It considers:

  • Overall video engagement metrics: Likes, dislikes, watch time, views, subscriptions, etc.
  • Content information: Title, description, keywords, content, subtitles, tags, etc.

The combination of content information and engagement metrics determines YouTube’s ranking. The YouTube search algorithm works extensively to match search queries with suitable content, aligning user behavior with relevant content information.

YouTube trending feed showcases popular videos and shorts, refreshed every 15 minutes and varies by country. Unlike other segments, the YouTube trending algorithm does not consider individual user behavior. It focuses on analytics and performance metrics:

  • View count: Number of users who have watched the content
  • View velocity: The pace at which content generates views
  • Traffic sources: Origins of views (both on and off YouTube)
  • Video age: Duration since a video was posted
  • Relative performance: Comparison with other videos on the same channel

These metrics help the YouTube trending algorithm stay relevant to users by showing them trending content while automatically ignoring inappropriate content like excessive profanity or violence.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts, also known as vertical videos, are mobile-friendly and easily uploaded via the YouTube app. By the end of 2023, 70 billion viewers had started watching this content. But how does the YouTube Shorts algorithm work?

The YouTube Shorts algorithm’s focus is the same as the platform algorithm’s. The YouTube Shorts algorithm focuses on:

  • Relevance: Matching content details with search activity
  • Engagement: Performance metrics of content
  • Watch history: User behavior and patterns on the platform
  • Similar content: Interest in content categories like entertainment, education, beauty, etc.
  • Watch time: Time spent watching shorts

This strategy makes it difficult for viewers to put their phones down, keeping them hooked on appealing, minimum 15-second content. Now, learn how to schedule YouTube shorts, and you’re good to go.

Now that you know how the YouTube algorithm works, you can align your content strategy with these criteria to achieve success on the platform.

Top 7 Tips to Influence YouTube Algorithm 

Comprehending the YouTube algorithm enables you to produce high-quality content, improving your chances of reaching a wider audience. Navigating the YouTube algorithm can be a game-changer, directly impacting your visibility and engagement. The following tips will help you meet the YouTube criteria.

1. The Keywords Scrabble


Keywords play a crucial role in reaching the top of search rankings. YouTube, being the 2nd-largest search engine, identifies keywords through tags, titles, descriptions, video chapters, subtitles, cards, and content.

To optimize your content, follow YouTube SEO best practices and use relevant keywords. Apart from popular keywords, experiment with lower competition and fewer content keywords. Also, consider naming your video files with relevant keywords to boost your ranking.

2. The Interaction Policy


YouTube was the pioneer platform to emphasize on creator and subscriber bond. In other words, YouTube encourages creators to build deeper relationships with their audience. Engaging with your viewers through likes, dislikes, and comments helps build a community of loyal subscribers.

Respond promptly to comments on your videos and engage with other channels to boost interaction and favor the YouTube algorithm. Creating special videos reacting to comments can also enhance engagement, making viewers feel noticed and valued. These interactions improve your performance analytics by attracting more viewers. Unlike traditional celebrities, one-on-one interactions on YouTube make viewers come back to your channel as it makes them feel noticed. 

3. The Relevancy Strategy


YouTube constantly updates its algorithm to enhance user experience. Uploading valuable and relevant content for your target audience can favor the YouTube algorithm. YouTube prioritizes content that keeps users on the platform longer. 

Understand your audience’s age, location, mindset, lifestyle, and other vital details before planning content strategy. Studying their social media metrics will set you in the right direction. You will be able to craft engaging videos as per the audience’s demands, interests, and needs. The more the audience spends time on your videos, the higher your engagement rate will be. 

4. The Double T: Thumbnail & Title


Thumbnails and titles are the first things viewers notice. Irresistible thumbnails and titles are necessary for getting the attention of millions of viewers. According to YouTube, 90% of top-performing videos have custom thumbnails. Master the art of clickbait to reach the right audience and lure new viewers. 

A thumbnail is a visual mirror of your video content, and a title sums up the details. You can beat your competition and enhance CTR by adding custom thumbnails and titles. Create eye-catching thumbnails using brand colors, large text, evident primary objects, minimal words, dynamic images, and custom backgrounds. Your video titles should evoke excitement, amusement, humor, or inspiration, summarizing the content effectively. Ahrefs channel specifically designs thumbnails and titles to justify video content. 

5. The Consistent Game plan


Consistency in uploading videos increases the likelihood of your channel being recommended by the YouTube algorithm. Regular uploads and consistent content creation set a positive tone with the algorithm.

You must show consistency in uploads and content creation. The video grid of your channel should set a tone. Maintain a consistent brand voice, tone, color, and personality in every video. Frequent uploads signal to the YouTube algorithm that your channel is active, attracting suitable subscribers and viewers. RecurPost, our social media management tool, can help you find the best time to post on YouTube and schedule YouTube videos if you are ahead of your social calendar. 

6. The Promotion Creativity


Both you and the YouTube algorithm aim to keep viewers on the platform. Traditional methods like “Click on the bell icon and subscribe” are outdated. Instead, use creative promotion strategies to attract viewers from native and external sources. You have to come up with neat methods to attract viewers from native and other sources. YouTube keeps track of viewer journey and provides such information to creators.  

Effective strategies to further your videos/channel:

  • Timestamps: Segment your videos with timestamps for easier navigation and improved search visibility.
  • Mention other videos: Promote your existing videos in new uploads, video cards, or descriptions to boost metrics.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with brands and other YouTube creators to reach a broader audience.
  • Subscription watermark: Use a small, semi-transparent branding tool to make it appealing.
  • Cross-platform social media promotion: Use other social media platforms to drive traffic to your YouTube content.
  • External sites: Partner with brands to promote your content on their websites.
  • YouTube ads: Use ads to reach your target audience, increasing content visibility and organic traffic.

These strategies enhance user experience, engagement, SEO benefits, and content organization.

7. Analyzation 


Staying agile, adaptable, and flexible is crucial in the ever-evolving world of social media. Make YouTube analytics and trends your allies to practice new techniques and refine your strategies.

Monitor your competitors to understand their content strategies, USPs, and sources. Stay updated with current affairs to create relevant content. Constantly experiment to see what works best, ensuring you remain in sync with the latest trends and techniques.

These insights will help you get discovered and make the most of your YouTube journey, whether you are starting out or an existing content creator.

To Wrap Up

As we have explored, strategic planning is essential to navigate the complexity of the YouTube algorithm and achieve continuous growth. By applying the insights and strategies discussed, you can tap into the dynamic world of YouTube and thrive on one of the world’s most popular video-sharing platforms. From optimizing visual elements to boost viewer engagement, you now have the tools to succeed.

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1) What are the key factors that influence the YouTube algorithm in 2024?

Watch history, search history, engagement rate, Click-Through Rate(CTR), watch time, and session time.

2) Did the YouTube algorithm change?

Yes! To constantly improve the user experience the algorithm for YouTube keeps evolving.

3) How long does it take for the YouTube algorithm to work?

The consistent quality content starts yielding results in a few weeks.

4) How to use the YouTube algorithm?

Produce compelling content with relevant keywords and ensure audience interaction.

5) How do you reset the YouTube algorithm?

Unsubscribe to irrelevant YouTube channels and clear your watch history to restart the YouTube algorithm.

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