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How to Use Social Media Automation to Grow Your Business?

Social Media Automation

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If you’re a brand owner or marketer, you’re probably already utilizing social media automation to help your company grow. If you aren’t, it’s time to start; over 92 percent of marketers will employ social media automation for their organizations in the coming years. This implies that firms may now contact billions of active, engaged consumers who just want to buy things.

However, merely being on social media and posting for the sake of posting is insufficient. It would be best if you had excellent social media scheduling tools and social media tactics in place to develop organically, remain ahead of the competition, and convert your target audience into paying consumers.

We’ll describe the winning route to discovering your target audience, expanding your following, and establishing a community of engaged, loyal consumers in this post by RecurPost, the finest social media scheduler in the market today.

1. What is Social Media Automation?

What is Social Media Automation

The process of employing software tools to minimize the amount of time spent on social media chores that do not require human intervention is known as social media automation. Social media automation examples include:

  • Planning ahead of time for posts
  • Content curation for republishing
  • Managing regular client inquiries
  • Analytics report creation

Not all social media chores should or should be automated. This may seem simple, but avoid any automated strategy that makes your brand appear lazy, spammy, or false.

For example, paid bots that like, follow, and comment is painfully evident to intelligent social media users. Some #goodbots, on the other hand, can give valuable information to followers. The idea is to employ clever social media automation to benefit your credibility and online connections rather than harm them.

Let’s examine why automation is crucial at work and which types should be avoided in the murky depths of digital marketing.

2. Why is Social Media Automation Important for Businesses?

Automating your social media has four Huge benefits. So what’s the best part? When you combine them all together, the ROI is Enormous. Let’s talk about it further down.

– Saves time

Social media automation may help you save a TON of time. Consider how much time you now spend on social media:

  • You browse the pages of influencers to discover new trends.
  • You search Google and social media for relevant articles.
  • Status updates, posts, captions, and comments are all created by you.
  • You become distracted and spend some time scrolling through meme pages (we all do it).

Here are your new steps with automation:

  • Look for new stuff once a month.
  • Schedule It.

That’s all. You may even skip social media for the remainder of the month if you wish. Alternatively, you may utilize RecurPost’s feature social media bulk scheduling to easily plan several updates in advance. Instead of setting it and forgetting about it, we propose using that extra time to reap the three benefits we’ll outline.

– Plan and strategize

When was the last time you sat down to develop your 6-month or 1-year social media strategy? Unfortunately, most company owners don’t have time to respond to remarks on Facebook or any other social media site, let alone develop a long-term plan.

When you save hours on social media automation, you have more time to sit down and plan out your posts for the next quarter. The time you spend strategizing will help to unify your social media postings. Especially for Christmas social media campaigns, planning ensures timely, thematic content boosts engagement and sales, capturing the festive spirit effectively.

Rather than posting random flavor-of-the-day updates, you may include a simple message in your social media material.

Every minute you spend planning helps you create a better social media strategy. This will earn you more engagement and more followers in the long term.

– Increases the value of your material

We constantly suggest that delivering more value is the best way to increase social media likes and engagement, as part of a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. However, these substandard postings do not bring value to your page, negatively affecting your social media positioning. As a result, they aren’t beneficial to your followers or your business.

If, on the other hand, you automate your social media, you may take your time finding the greatest piece of content. It’s much easier if you have a tool to assist you in locating material (more about that in a minute).

In other words, social media automation assists you in maintaining high content quality, which:

  • Increases participation
  • Obtains new followers
  • Improves the image of your company

– Keeps your page consistently interesting

There are several methods for making a social network page dull:

  • There is too much of the same sort of stuff.
  • There is no change in style, tone, or presentation.
  • Insufficient activity
  • Content of poor quality

You certainly don’t want to be one of those pages! However, social media automation may help keep your page engaging by allowing you to take a step back and honestly examine your material.

In other words, planning allows you to think about what your readers will find fascinating and valuable and then share that information regularly. It’s not rocket science, yet many individuals miss out on the benefits of social media automation because they believe they can do it themselves!

3. How to Use Social Media Automation the Right Way?

Social Media Automation right ways to use

Here are a few examples of day-to-day chores that are excellent candidates for social media marketing automation. After this essay, we’ll show you some automated social media marketing software applications to aid with all of these chores.

1) Scheduling and publishing

Because the optimum time to post differs on each platform, logging in and out of numerous social accounts to publish many times per day might take a long time.

This is where social media automation saves time and improves efficiency while maintaining content quality. First, set aside some time for content development. Then, schedule the correct post times on each network using automatic post planner alternatives.

2) Data gathering and reporting

Almost two-thirds of marketers use marketing measurement and attribution software. Unfortunately, the remaining one-third of the population is either:

  • Missing out on important marketing data insights.
  • Spending much too much time manually gathering and evaluating data.

3) Customer service basics

One of the most common applications of marketing artificial intelligence systems is to automate customer interactions. For example, you don’t require a human team member to answer frequently asked inquiries like “What are your hours?” and “Do you have any coupons?” Similarly, you may automate support queries about parcel tracking, refund status, and other CRM-related concerns.

4) Social monitoring and listening

Social monitoring and listening enable you to comprehend the social discourse around your brand, industry, and rivals. They also give useful market research and business intelligence that you can utilize to steer your social media strategy.

It takes effort to manually search for relevant branded material that isn’t immediately labeled. As a result, implementing an automated social listening approach is an excellent idea.

5) Management of social advertisements

To get the most out of your social advertising spend, you must:

  • test advertisements
  • monitor outcomes and budget costs
  • decide on placements

By automating these time-consuming procedures, you will have more time to devote to creating good writing and other advertising products.

3.1. What are the Pros of Social Media Automation?

– Convenience

The most obvious advantage of automating social media posts is ease. You may produce content and schedule it to appear at a given time on numerous platforms using apps like RecurPost. This is ideal for businesses with several social media accounts that need a simple way to send messages to each.

– Reaching More People More Frequently

Users can plan their posts for the most valuable periods of the day, when their followers are most active and engaged, with the added ease of automation. Similarly, automation enables companies to post information when it is most likely to be viewed and impactful. This is especially crucial for sites like Facebook, where your post affects your total reach.

– Consistently delivering content

The ease of use also helps organizations to ensure that their platforms are continually updated with new information. Because they’ve proved to be dependable, consistency in delivery helps a firm create a devoted audience. Even if something unexpected occurs, automation enables a company to satisfy the expectations of its audience by guaranteeing that new material is provided on time.

3.2. Examples of Social Media Automation

  1. Reports provide significant information across several networks.
  2. Chatbots can be used to reply to user messages.
  3. Receive updates about social conversations.
  4. Automation of scheduling with drag-and-drop

4. How to Keep Your Social Media Content Interesting?

Social Media Automation Content Ideas

Finding material on the internet is simple; keeping your content entertaining for your audience is tricky. So, let’s take a look at five techniques to keep your readers interested in your content after a week, incorporating innovative social media promotion ideas to enhance engagement and visibility.

– Change up your material.

The most important thing to keep your audience interested in your material is to change it frequently. To put it another way, don’t only submit videos or articles. You should post a decent variety of:

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Infographics are examples of visual material.
  • Memes and other humorous stuff (extra points if they are relevant to your topic!)
  • Articles

– Use Smart Structuring

Internet users read very quickly; nothing will turn them off more than a “wall of text.” Therefore, format your content intelligently using numbered lists, bullet points, and headers to highlight key information points easily.

– Create Infographics

Infographics are informative but easy to understand. And because they come in the form of images, they are convenient for the majority of Internet users who mostly share visual content on social media. Using the in-built feature of Canva from RecurPost, you don’t even need the knowledge of a graphic designer to create a reasonably high-quality infographic. The most important thing is to use your business expertise and data to create something your audience will find valuable.

– Keep up with trends in your niche.

Trends change almost DAILY. As a business owner, one of the most important things you can do is keep up with all the current trends in your niche. This will earn you more engagement without much effort. There are two excellent ways to do this:

  1. Follow influencers in your niche
  2. Use Google Trends to see what people are searching for online

Influencers’ livelihood depends on knowing what is popular, so following them can help you get the inside scoop on what you should be posting.

Google Trends lets you see how many people search for specific keywords. It also helps you identify similar keywords in your niche.

4.1. Keys to Succeeding with Social Media Marketing Automation

The common thread between all of the automation tactics above? Winning back your schedule and spending more meaningful time with your customers.

But succeeding with automation doesn’t happen, well, automatically. 

To wrap things up, let’s discuss three key points to keep in mind if you want to make social media automation work for your business.

– Keep it human!

This is the big one.

You can’t expect just to put your social presence on autopilot and call it a day. From writing captions for scheduling to picking and choosing content, brands embracing automation must find ways to let their human side shine through.

Conversational, humorous captions. Laid-back language. Emojis. These are subtle but significant ways to connect your automated posts and messages with your customers.

Nobody knows your audience better than you do. So as you get on board with social media automation, don’t let your social presence feel “copy-and-pasted.” Instead, consider how automation can supplement your branding rather than somehow replace it.

– Monitor your progress

For starters, automation isn’t totally set and forgotten. It would be best if you kept an eye on your scheduled messages and chatbots to ensure that everything’s firing off properly. RecurPost makes it easy to see the status of your automation efforts. Also, monitoring your progress means looking at your metrics and KPIs to see if automation results in improvement.

The takeaway here? Social media automation works. There’s a reason why more and more businesses are getting on board across pretty much every industry.

4.2. How to Automate Social Media Posts in Advance?

Creating social media posts requires creating visuals and coming up with an engaging copy. If you want your Christmas social media posts to have a planned impact on your audience, this process alone can be time and resource-consuming.

Once a post is drafted, it has to be published. You can gauge the engagement of your posts with the help of business intelligence tools. If your brand is only present on one or two social platforms, this might not be too big of an issue. However, managing multiple social media accounts across several platforms might become too much to handle manually.

Using social media scheduler and publishing tools like RecurPost, you can manage a shared publication pipeline for all of your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business accounts from one dashboard. What does this mean, exactly? Using the tool, you can:

  • Create and publish posts,
  • Schedule content for publication ahead of time, 
  • Analytics, reporting, scheduling, and more!

5. What are the Automation Tips for Different Social Media Platforms?

Social Media Automation for different platform

There’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to effectively using social media to grow your business or to automated strategy. So, we’ll work our way through each social media channel, one at a time, to cover each as fully as possible. 

Let’s dive in. 

5.1. Social Media Tips for Facebook

5.1.1. Experiment With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a cost-effective way to advertise your company and is one of the most common social media marketing tools. The platform is valuable in almost any digital marketing campaign because they have access to a large, engaged audience and offer you the opportunity to target specific segments of that audience.

5.1.2. Understand Your Audience

Validation is critical in social media marketing & for a social media marketing agency, but Facebook’s customization and experimentation capabilities make validating your approach even more important. With hundreds of different markets, platforms, and content types to choose from, demonstrating the importance of each part strengthens your campaign’s credibility.

5.1.3. Use Custom Audiences for Retargeting

Fortunately, you can retarget the same audience members with an ad that takes full advantage of your previous content in just a few days. For example, you can set your video ads, so they only retarget to users who watched at least 50% of your previous video ad. This method allows you to pre-qualify leads before investing any money in them.

5.2. Social Media Tips for Twitter

5.2.1. Social Listening on Twitter

Twitter is an ever-changing environment, and keeping up with all the latest updates is challenging. So the social media marketing automation tip for this platform focuses on social listening, which decides the brand’s position on the most recent related topic.

You should not only want to grasp what the audience is thinking but also participate in the debate in real time. It’s essential to engage in discussions between past and present consumers. It’s an excellent way to highlight the human side of your brand. People love to see that their brand has a voice and stance, especially if that stance aligns with theirs.

5.2.2. Use the Polls Feature

Twitter polls are intriguing because they achieve two objectives at once. The first objective is to create user-generated content (UGC). Not just that, but polling will help you boost interest with minimal effort on your part.

If that isn’t enough to persuade you, remember that you can use these surveys for whatever you want. Experiment with various landing pages and deals. It is entirely up to you to make your decision.

5.3. Social Media Tips for Instagram

5.3.1. Understand the Power of Saves

Instagram implemented saves to enhance the user experience while also providing an alternative to the conventional “like” feature. The concept behind saved branded content is that users can save specific pieces of content to return to later.

One of my tips is to find new ways to make followers return to your content as saves become a more critical part of the algorithm. Following this tip will contribute to your Instagram growth drastically.

Craft a valuable piece of content by providing users with a second, more profound experience. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula to skyrocket your saves in a post, so you have to experiment. Try:

  • Publishing evergreen content.
  • Request that people save your message.
  • Looking at Instagram Insights.
  • Publishing material that is educational or inspiring (mini blogs or tutorials).
  • Publishing aesthetically pleasing posts.
  • Posting content that is important to your target market.
  • Publishing funny posts.

5.3.2. Take advantage of IGTV.

IGTV is interesting because it demonstrates Instagram’s exponential development over time. Instagram has provided brands with unique marketing resources, from photos to full-fledged video productions.

You can create mini-tutorials, live stream events, and Q&As, and even host your live talk show by making a long-form video series.

Tools like IGTV allow you to play with your content style while also allowing you to interact with your audience in a powerful and meaningful way. So if you’ve been wondering about ways to broaden your reach, IGTV is an excellent place to start.

5.4. Social Media Tips for LinkedIn

5.4.1. Post Updates Consistently

LinkedIn, like every other social media site, emphasizes user interactions. This may seem strange, given that LinkedIn is ideal for workers and employers to network.

However, the last thing you want is for your brand to disappear in a sea of company sites. Therefore, building a relationship with your audience on LinkedIn is critical. As a result, brands have made it a priority to post updates and content regularly.

Posting notifications isn’t the only way to engage with your audience. Set up introductions, send messages to users, and write weekly blog posts. On this channel, there are numerous low-cost ways to engage your audience.

5.4.2. Avoid Being Salesy

On LinkedIn, traditional sales pitches and strategies are not your mates. So trying to leverage these tactics isn’t going to succeed. Instead, refocus your efforts on building relationships with your audience and selling your brand rather than your product. If your content isn’t instantly valuable for them, users will not engage. 

Instead of the traditional hard-sell strategy, you should start a genuine conversation with your audience to succeed on this platform and acquire more leads in the long run.

6. Best Social Media Automation tools to help you work smarter (not harder)

What is Automation Tools for Social Media? Well, the answer to this is pretty simple yet kind of decision-making. We’ve mentioned our favorite social media automation tools to keep it simple. Choose the areas you want to focus on first and have a look at the tools that can help.

1. RecurPost:

Social Media Automation - RecurPost

RecurPost is a versatile social media automation tool and falls under the category of social media management tools. It allows you to efficiently manage your social media accounts by automating the posting process. With RecurPost, you can effortlessly broadcast your updates on numerous social media sites, ensuring they are delivered optimally for maximum engagement and impact.

It enables you to post the right stuff at the proper moment. RecurPost even allows you to obtain weekly white-label reports. Its unique reposting ability enables you to attract new visitors without writing fresh content each time. It accomplishes this by reusing your material and even allowing you to make versions.

Consequently, it allows you to be active on social media without devoting all of your time to it. As a result, you will spare hours each week for other important tasks.

Pricing: Starts from $25/month with a 14-day free trial.

2. Heyday:

Social media automation tool - Heyday

Heyday can automate routine queries and order tracking. In addition, a virtual sales assistant provides product recommendations and increases conversions through social channels. Proprietary natural-language programming models allow the AI virtual assistant to answer more than 80% of customer queries. For more complex requests, there’s a seamless handoff to human agents.

3. Lately:

Social Media Automation - Lately

Lately, is an AI copywriting tool. It studies your brand voice and audience’s preferences to build a custom “writing model” for your brand (it accounts for your brand voice, sentence structure, and even keywords relevant to your online presence). 

When you feed any text, image, or video content into Lately, the AI converts it into social media copy, reflecting your unique writing style. For example, if you upload a webinar into Lately, the AI will automatically transcribe it and create dozens of social posts based on the video content. All you have to do is review and approve your posts.

Lately integrates with Hootsuite, so once your posts are ready, you can schedule them for automatic publication with just a few clicks. Easy!


Scoopit - social media automation tool is a social network and content curation tool for content marketers. It is also one of the best free social media automation tools, offering users a free plan. With, you can create specific topics, share your ideas, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Using the content director, users can curate content from any other source. You can also share your idea across your most preferred social media platforms with just a click of a button.

This social media post automation tool also enables users to generate ideas using specific terms called keywords. So, if you are a content marketer, will help you stay updated and know what to always share with your audience.

5. Agorapulse:

Agorapulse - social media automation tool

Agorapulse is good social media management tool that is perfect for managing everything from post-scheduling to monitoring and reporting.

It comes with an extensive range of tools, including:

  • A social media inbox – manage all of your direct messages and comments from different platforms in one easy-to-use inbox.
  • A social media publishing tool – Schedule and plan content. Publish all your social content from the same organized dashboard.

In addition to all of the above, Agorapulse offers some useful automation features that make managing your social media campaigns quicker and more efficient. If you are comparing RecurPost with Agorapulse in terms of features of Unlimited Content Categorization, RecurPost is one of the best Agorapulse alternatives as it offers some classic features.

6. CoSchedule:

CoSchedule - social media automation tool

CoSchedule, as the name implies, helps marketers schedule their social postings in advance. It is a highly recommended tool for social media marketers that want to manage several accounts from a single location. It allows you to schedule up to 60 posts at once, making planning your social media calendar a breeze.

Coschedule also provides a social organizer, headline analyzer, social inbox, social media analytics, and content requests. It also has a robust feature set for various marketing tools, including a marketing calendar, asset organizer, and content organizer. However, when compared to the competition, RecurPost is the most acceptable CoSchedule Alternatives since it provides the most excellent hashtag recommendations.

Wrap up

Social media automation tools will save you time and money by automating basic yet time-consuming operations. They may also make more difficult jobs, such as data analysis, much more accessible. Consequently, you’ll have more time to focus on ensuring that your initiatives are effective and establishing engaged social networks. #LearnwithRecurPost to know more about Social Media Marketing via short instructive movies.

Hope you find this blog interesting! Moreover, give RecurPost a shot and let us know if the Automated social media marketing software tools helped you meet any of your business needs. Have a good time!

Frequently Asked Question

1) Why is social media automation important?

Automation helps you create a working social media strategy. It ensures your messages are visible to the audience and enables you to reach them on time. Social media post automation works for you 24/7, making you always available to customers. As a result, you can stay in touch with your audience when they are active.

2) What is Automated social media marketing software?

Social media automation is using software or tools to accomplish specific tasks on social media platforms without human intervention. Put simply, it means using a program to automate things like posting and sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

3) What role should automation play in your social media efforts?

Social media automation is defined as the process of automating social media activities to optimize the results derived from social media channels. It helps marketers save time and effort spent on managing social platforms, engaging with prospects, and enhancing brand awareness.

4) Which social media should you automate?

You can automate social media posts using tools like RecurPost, Agorapulse, Meetedgar, Zoho Social, etc. You need to sign up and link your respective accounts to one of these tools. You can choose your channels and schedule them at the best times.

5) How to automate social media marketing?

Automation helps you schedule your work at once to eliminate the boring, manual busywork that would otherwise force you to multitask and dramatically decrease your productivity. Some quick tips for automating social media marketing are creating a Posting Schedule For Every Piece Of Content You Publish, creating a design for each network, Gaining valuable insights across several networks, etc.

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