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Social Media Bulk Scheduling Made Easy with RecurPost

We love it when we have some extra time on our hands! RecurPost will give you that with its social media bulk scheduling feature.

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social media bulk scheduling
social media bulk scheduling for upload posts in bulk

Bulk Upload posts for social media bulk scheduling

Creating mass updates with just a few clicks sounds like a great deal

Creating mass updates with just a few clicks sounds like a great deal. Our bulk scheduling feature will let you schedule multiple updates in advance.

“Images, GIFS, videos, link posts.” You name it; we let you schedule it with our bulk uploader.

Social media bulk scheduling is now possible for all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business listings, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Bulk Scheduling With Images And Links

When it comes to bulk scheduling for social media, we set no limits!

With RecurPost you can upload any media as much as you like as opposed to other social media scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

All you have to do is go to the content library, pick the option of adding content in bulk and begin adding your updates for mass social media posting. Two kinds of content can be added: image updates or text/link updates.

social media bulk scheduling with images and links

” I’ve used many scheduling tools over the years and RecurPost is the one that saves me the most time. I can load it up with posts for clients and my own blog content and then not have to touch it again for weeks. I also love having the ability to stop and start libraries at the touch of a button, which is so important in an ever changing news environment. “

customer testimonial for recurpost social media scheduler

Claire Hall
Freelance PR Consultant and Travel Blogger

social media bulk scheduling upload csv files

Bulk Upload Through CSV Files

Another amazing feather on our cap of features is bulk uploading content via Excel files or CSV files.

For example, you have to schedule LinkedIn posts, if you have a file where all your content information is stored, simply upload it and RecurPost will fetch all the data and create updates according to it for you to preview. The same applies when you use RecurPost as a Pinterest scheduler.

Once the file is uploaded, we will generate a preview where you will be able to edit individual updates as per your requirements and add them to your library

Import Content Through RSS Feeds

Another quick treat for you!

With this option, you can do bulk social media posting by easily uploading multiple posts from your own blog or the blogs followed by you. It is very good if you want to republish evergreen content that you would want to re-share regularly.

For social media bulk scheduling, RecurPost will pull a list of posts that it will find from the RSS feed. You will then have the choice of accepting or rejecting the updates that you want to release on your social media accounts.

social media bulk scheduling rss feeds content import
social media bulk scheduling with images and links

Import Content Through Social Media

Social media bulk scheduling is made easier with RecurPost.

Because it lets you import content from your social media accounts. From your end, you need to connect the relevant social media account to RecurPost, and Voila, you’re done!

The tool will fetch all the posts and display the entire list of available posts. Then simply pick the ones that you want to add to your content library.

Preview Your Content For Social Media Bulk Scheduling

Get a glimpse of what you will be posting.

Once you’re done writing or adding your content, you can preview it before adding it to your library to see how your posts will appear when you schedule Facebook posts, schedule Instagram posts, schedule Tweets, LinkedIn, and schedule Google My Business posts.

If you add link updates, RecurPost will fetch an image preview and it will be posted on your accounts.

social media bulk scheduling preview content
social media bulk scheduling for editing-made easy

Easy Editing On Your Fingertips

Short horror story - damn I uploaded the wrong image! There’s a typo! This needs changing, now! Not so horrifying with us!

With our social media scheduler, you can change the social accounts on which you want to post the image, video, update, link, text, or time of scheduling.

You can practically alter the entire update anytime you want to. Social media bulk scheduling never looked so easy!

Scheduling Made Fun

Gone are the days when we were stuck copying and pasting content!

With RecurPost, you will be able to copy your schedules in bulk with one click of a button via the “Your schedule” screen.

After you’re done uploading all your bulk posts, you can choose to keep them as drafts until a specific date.

social media bulk scheduling is fun
bulk scheduling to maximize productivity

Maximize Productivity with Bulk Social Media Posting

Bulk scheduling social media posts will free up your time like nothing else

RecurPost’s automated social media bulk posting feature takes your productivity to new heights. 


Instead of spending hours individually scheduling posts, you can now create a batch of updates and let RecurPost handle the rest. 


With just a few simple steps, you can schedule weeks or even months of content in advance, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks.

Engaging Visual Content for Bulk Scheduling Success

Consummate mass social media posting with prominent imagery

Captivating your audience with eye-catching visuals is crucial in today’s social media landscape. With RecurPost’s bulk scheduling feature, you can go beyond text and link updates. 

Harness the power of images, infographics, and videos to make your content more engaging and shareable. 

By incorporating visually appealing elements into your scheduled posts, you can effectively convey your message and capture the attention of your target audience.

bulk scheduling to engaging visual content
bulk scheduling to repurpose valuable content

Repurpose Valuable Content with Bulk Social Media Posting

Your blog or website is a treasure trove of valuable content that deserves to be shared repeatedly.

RecurPost enables you to repurpose your evergreen content and bulk schedule instagram posts, bulk schedule facebook posts, and upload on multiple other platforms effortlessly. 

By importing posts from your own blog or the blogs you follow, you can re-share your best articles, tutorials, or industry insights. 

This strategic approach for bulk scheduling social media content not only saves time but also ensures that your audience continues to benefit from your valuable content.

Centralized Content Control with Integrated Social Media Accounts

Maintain a consistent brand voice and message across multiple social media platforms

RecurPost simplifies this process by offering integrated social media account functionality. By connecting your various social media accounts, you gain centralized control over your content. 

You can easily import and start bulk scheduling social media posts from different platforms, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized social media presence. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of individually managing each account and embrace the convenience of integrated social media management.

bulk scheduler for content centralization

Scheduling modes offered by us

We offer 3 social media bulk scheduling options for you to choose from:

Manual schedule

Manually pick a time to share your post.


Add fresh posts to a schedule set by you for every social account for auto-posting.

Repeating schedule

Share your posts at specific time intervals in the future until you turn them off

The social media scheduler by RecurPost is undoubtedly the best you can get if you want to schedule bulk updates on all major social media platforms. It is easy, functional, and effective.

Increase your productivity with bulk scheduling!

Use RecurPost’s bulk scheduling feature to schedule posts in bulk and save time!



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Social media bulk scheduling made easy with RecurPost

With RecurPost, you can manage your presence on multiple social media networks at once. This tool will allow you to schedule Facebook posts on personal profiles, pages, and groups. You can also schedule Instagram posts on business profiles and personal profiles, and schedule LinkedIn posts on company and profile pages both. For Twitter, there is a rule that will not let you post the same content more than once and that is why RecurPost lets you create variations and schedule tweets. In case your business has a GMB listing, RecurPost will let you schedule Google my business posts along with a CTA. To top it all off, if your business is operating on Pinterest, you can schedule pins with RecurPost to make the most out of this visual platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media scheduling is the process of planning and organizing content in advance to be automatically published on various social media platforms at specific times.

Bulk scheduling is the practice of adding multiple posts at once in your scheduling lineup. You can speed up your workflow with its help and create numerous posts at once with the right media attached to them.

You can use the bulk scheduling feature to effortlessly schedule multiple updates in one go. These will all be put in an advance schedule that will get posted at a later time. So for social media, you will be able to bulk upload images, GIFs, videos, and link posts. You can bulk schedule all this for social media in advance.

Yes, you can bulk schedule posts on Facebook with a social media scheduler like RecurPost. Facebook is an excellent platform for social media marketing because of its broad user base.

You can post a bulk schedule on Instagram with the help of RecurPost’s social media bulk scheduling feature. You need to add your Instagram account to the tool for this and upload your CSV file.

To bulk-upload products to Google My Business, you can import your bulk-upload spreadsheet. You can use the Business profile manager to manage multiple profiles at once.

The best way to schedule social media posts is to use a reliable social media management tool like RecurPost that offers features such as content planning, scheduling, and analytics.

To schedule a post across all social media platforms, you can utilize RecurPost – a comprehensive social media management tool that supports multiple platforms, allowing you to create and schedule content simultaneously.

To manage all social media platforms simultaneously, employ a social media management tool like RecurPost, that provides a centralized dashboard to schedule posts, monitor engagement, and analyze performance across multiple channels.

You can automate social media posts by using scheduling tools like RecurPost, that allows you to plan, create, and schedule your content in advance for automatic posting.

The ideal number of social media posts per day depends on the platform and your audience, but generally, it is recommended to post between 1 to 3 times per day on major platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

To create a monthly social media strategy, define your goals, identify your target audience, plan content themes and types, set a posting schedule, track metrics, and adapt your strategy based on the performance and audience engagement.

You can schedule one post to multiple social profiles by using RecurPost. It offers multi-platform posting capabilities, allowing you to select the profiles you want to publish the post to simultaneously.

To schedule social media posts in bulk using RecurPost, you can create a CSV file or use their Bulk Import feature to upload multiple posts at once, specifying the date, time, and content for each post.

To post to all social media platforms in one app, you can use social media management tools like RecurPost that provides a centralized dashboard for managing and publishing content across multiple platforms.