Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our mission is to help you increase your sales, effortlessly position you as the Thought Leader in your industry, and build your audience of fans and loyal customers.

Dr. Dinesh Agrawal

Dinesh Agarwal, is the founder at Recurpost. He is a research scientist, with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, turned entrepreneur. He created Recurpost to help his startups build a strong online presence. Recurpost was an internal tool used by his own startups. When the number of entrepreneurs who work with Dinesh grew, he decided to make it available for free and allowed anyone to use his best kept secret.

Hemant Patel

Hemant Patel is a full-stack web developer with years of experience working with Dinesh on his entrepreneurial journey. He helped Recurpost transform its idea from a simple content-sharing tool into the sophisticated traffic-driving social media powerhouse that it is today.

Jigar Patel

Jigar Patel is a UI/UX artist. He’s the wizard behind Recurpost's intuitive “one click, share all” design. He is continuously working on improving your interface. If you see anything that is easier to use than earlier, it is mostly because of him.