18 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools to share your post Automatically [2021]

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Social Media Scheduling tools will help you stay active and schedule posts across multiple social platforms, even after your social media management team has called it a day at the office.

Time and tide waits for none, and this fast-paced world is not going to stop for you. With information technology taking over the world, more and more manual work is being handed over to technology.

So what makes you think your social media cannot be automated?

With your numerous clients, different accounts, busy life, and limited time, it is indeed essential that you manage your client’s social media pages with sheer smartness.

For this purpose, you are going to need some smart best social media scheduling tools to take the burden off your hands and automate your social media posting.

In order to automate all your client’s social media activities, you need the right kind of tools that are in abundance online.

Don’t worry, we have carefully picked out the 18 best social media scheduling tools for you so as to help you share posts automatically and manage a lot of other activities.

First, let’s have a look at how a social media scheduling tool can help ease your tasks and enable you to build your brand on all major social platforms.

Benefits of using a social media scheduling tool

Social Media Management Tools enable you to manage all of your social media accounts from a single interface or tool. They’re focused on making all parts of social media management easier for marketers, from engaging with your audience, to scheduling and publishing content and analyzing data, and generating reports. Below are a few ways in which social media scheduling can benefit your business. 

1. Manage multiple accounts across different platforms

Instead of having to log into 4-5 different platforms with different usernames, passwords, and interfaces, you can simply log into your social media management tool and have access to all of your accounts from 1 clear place. 

If you are looking for a platform that enables you to manage your accounts from more than Instagram and Facebook, RecurPost can be your best pick as it offers scheduling for LinkedIn, Twitter, and GMB too.

2. Schedule posts ahead of time

By planning ahead you can ensure you post the type of content necessary to reach your goals and grow your business. A social media management tool will allow you to schedule social media posts ahead of time. This will make it much easier to visualize what you will be posting and align it with your goals. 

Scheduling posts sure beats having to post everything manually. Without the help of a tool, it is impossible to keep up with the 24/7 nature of social media. 

3. Analyze your social media results

Most social media management tools offer access to analytic data. This data may be how many retweets a post received, how many website visitors your social channels referred to, audience demographics, top-performing posts, or the cost per click of your recent paid campaign. Understanding what these numbers mean and adjusting accordingly is crucial. The cycle to social media optimization is simple: test, tweak, optimize.

4. Get more time for real-time engagement

Consistent posting is important, but so is spontaneous engagement. The unplanned conversation you jump into or the question you help answer. In a world of automation, this type of engagement is becoming rarer. You might be wondering, how does an automation tool help me be less automated? The answer is simple: through the automation of certain tasks, you give your business more time to engage in real-time. 

5. Simplify the content curation process

Content is what fuels social media. As a business, creating enough content to keep your networks active is hard. Most social media management tools have built-in content curation capabilities. This could be as simple as RSS feeds to give you quick access to relevant articles, or more advanced like integration with a curator.

1. RecurPost – The Cleanest and Most Efficient Social Media Scheduling Tool

recurpost as a best social media scheduling tool

RecurPost allows you to automatically share your updates on multiple social media platforms at the best time. It does so using its advanced AI-based scheduling system.

Not just that, RecurPost also helps you repurpose your content indefinitely so you can make full use out of your content!

It helps you post the right content at the right time. A unique feature that RecurPost offers so as to help you stay updated. RecurPost even offers the option of downloading weekly white Label reports

Its one-of-a-kind reposting feature helps you generate new traffic without having to create new content every time. It does so by repurposing your content and even helps you create variations.

As a result, it helps you stay active on social media without having to spend all your time on it. Consequently, you will save hours every week for undertaking other important activities.

Pricing: Starts from $15/month with 14-day free trial 

“Very easy to use. Easy to add content and schedule upcoming posts. Will automatically rotate through all of your content so same posts are not being submitted everyday. Using the free version right now, might be upgrading soon to allow video posts.”

Sheng A.

2. Post Planner  – An Easy to use Social Media Scheduling Tool  

 best social media scheduling tool - post planner social media scheduler

Post Planner is an innovative, result-oriented platform. and a simple social tool that aims to provide forecasted, measurable and exceptional results for your social media accounts.

Their algorithm transforms the curation of information and social media engagement into science and art!

Using the “Find” option, you can search for the memes and posts that are currently trending and can curate the same for your own social media accounts.

It thus reduces the time that you spend in looking for content, planning and posting it.

More than 276,000 businessmen use this tool to search for popular content and schedule it. It also provides great opportunities to communicate with customers and clients throughout the world.

Pricing :$9/mo ( Most popular plan)

Post Planner simplifies everything I do, giving me more time to focus on cultivating and growing my online community.

Rebekah Radice

3. SocialOomph – The Advanced Social Media Scheduling Tool 

best social media scheduling tool - socialoomph  social media scheduler

SocialOomph offers multiple features for multiple social media platforms.

It is a great tool for people working in teams as you can add associates to your account, assign them work and organize people in different teams. It offers a 30-day free trial which includes all the premier offerings. 

You can also create posts that self destruct after a specific period of time.

Prior to this innovative username, they were known as TweetLater.com.

They broadened their horizons to all social media platforms in 2009. Their main features include post scheduling & analytics. 

Pricing: Free ( Limited features) 

I am super happy with SocialOomph. It’s made my tweeting experience so much more enjoyable and easy to manage. And the customer service is amazing!”


4. Sendible – The Ultimate Tool to simplify your Social Media Scheduling activities 

social media scheduling tool - sendible  social media scheduler

Sendible helps you schedule your posts individually.

It claims that it is more than just a social media scheduling tool. Sendible helps in improving the social accounts overall.

It is a very popular tool amongst businessmen, marketing companies, and freelancers. This platform has a smooth user interface that is so easy to navigate. It provides integrations to more than 20 social media sites and communication tools.

They also analyze your performance through google analytics integration. 

Pricing: Starts at $29/mo

“We needed a tool that would be easy for our clients to use and for us to teach them. With Sendible, once our clients have gone through the training, they require little to no help from us.

Jennifer cox

5. E-clincher – A User-friendly and Clean Social Media Scheduling Tool

social media scheduling tool - eclincher  social media scheduler

With its top-of-the-line features, eClincher is one of the simple social tools that help you stay on top of your client’s social media activities. It does so with the help of its features that let you schedule, publish posts.

It’s SaaS technology is based on the best cloud infrastructure and complies to the best security requirements. You can easily connect your blog page RSS and publish your blogs automatically to your social media channels. It also has free media libraries to find, create and share images, videos and gifs.

This tool also suggests content and engages with the audience. 

Pricing :$59/mo (Basic)

This platform is the best we’ve used (and we’ve used a few). We use e-clincher to schedule posts and reply to messages on various social platforms. The reporting is wonderful! Easy to generate and easy for clients to read.”

Soraya McKay

6. MeetEdgar – Set your Social Media Scheduling activities on auto-pilot with Edgar tool 

social media scheduling tool - meetedgar social media scheduler

MeetEdgar was created with an idea of creating consistency and saving your time. For this purpose, it assists you in uniquely scheduling your content.

It has a feature of evergreen posting that doesn’t leave your queue empty. It automatically refills your queue when you run out of new updates.

The tool also writes your posts for you. Not only that, but it also auto-schedules your posts in its library and as a result, helps you manage your engagement.

It stores all of your updates, even after they have been posted, according to a category-based library. It’s super friendly support team is always available to assist with all kinds of queries. 

Pricing: $19/mo ( Basic plan)

“Edgar freakin’ rocks. It’s shaved hundreds of hours off my workload. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it now.”

 Stu McLaren

7. AgoraPulse – Social media scheduling tool with one-click reporting

social media scheduling tool - agorapulse social media scheduler

Agorapulse has flexible scheduling options and unlimited one-click reports. One of the best features of this tool is indeed the social inbox.

It basically allows you to go through your social media mentions quickly and effectively. To help you even further, it even allows you to bulk upload and has a special queuing system.

However, this software is good only for FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. The analysis tool provided in this software will help you find the people who engage the most with your content. You can also invite team members to use the software instead of making multiple accounts.

Pricing: $79/mo (Starting plan)

“The Best Kept Secret: Social Media Marketing Tool, Agorapulse is the magician behind the curtain”

Sara B.

8. Zoho Social – A social media scheduling tool to manage your brands

social media scheduling tool - zoho social social media scheduler

Zoho Social gives you the best time predictions to post. One of its most awesome features indeed is letting you create a publishing schedule and visualize a content pipeline.

This helps you make sure what your content strategy looks like in real-time so as to help you manage things further. Like all other social media scheduling tools, it also has an analytics feature with built-in reports.

Here is a brief list of all the features of this software:

  • Automatic and bulk scheduling
  • Activity logging and keyword tracking
  • Multi-channel marketing and one window management
  • Twitter lists and brand mentions
  • Chrome, Firefox extensions, and shortened links

Pricing: Free (Special edition, limited features)

As a marketing manager, it makes my life a lot easier—to schedule content out, do all the reports and see what’s going on with each of our brands. It’s so nice to be able to do that all in one place.

Sheldon Maxwell

9. Crowdfire – A simplified social media scheduling tool

social media scheduling tool - crowdfire social media scheduler

This social media manager helps you to discover relevant content and publish the same. Pre-scheduling is, of course, a basic feature that it offers. It’s different from others as it helps you get tailored posts for different social networks.

Crowdfire lets you link and manage multiple social media sites. You can also search for third-party content that your audience is interested in. You can check and monitor how your competitors are performing and can make changes in your strategy accordingly. 

This simple social tool has its application which is available both for ios and android.

Pricing: Free (Limited version)

“Crowd fire enables me to share my business news, posts and others in an easy and robust way. Content and user suggestions are a little off sometimes, but apart from that the app is a standard.”

Nathaniel C.

10. Hootsuite – A highly trusted social media scheduling tool

social media scheduling tool - hootsuite social media scheduler

Hootsuite is one of the most widely used platforms, preferred by more than 16 million people from all over the globe. It can be used to manage multiple social accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

This software provides tools that are helpful for social media marketing, reputation management, social media analytics, social media monitoring, and social selling.

However, it is not that great for growing an organic following but provides amazing features to schedule and share content at once. If you are operating a number of pages and are confused about where to post at what time, HootSuite can definitely help you out.

Pricing: Free (For individuals, basic plan)

Overall, I’m satisfied with Hootsuite and will continue to use this platform to manage my social media accounts. With the ability to schedule up to 30 posts on the free plan, including scheduling Instagram posts, and viewing different social media accounts all on one dashboard, it beats other social media management platforms that require plan upgrades to access similar features.”

Charity R

11. CoSchedule – A time-efficient social media scheduling tool

social media scheduling tool - CoSchedule social media scheduler

CoSchedule is a one-stop destination to organize your marketing. It is a time-efficient tool that has content calendars so as to help you ideate, schedule, create & publish.

To help you even further, it allows agencies to organize all of their projects for every client.

It provides a plethora of features including Project marketing, Campaign management, Content marketing, Digital asset management, Social media management, and Content management.

It also features a free headline analyzer which helps a lot in examining your titles and choose the best headline for your post.

Pricing: $20/mo (individual, varying prices for different features)

As the head of a small marketing team, my time is stretched incredibly thin. CoSchedule provides the ability to gain more time in my week by having routine content planned will in advance so I can more on ideas quicker.”

12. Smarterqueue – A flexible social media scheduling tool

social media scheduling tool - smarterqueue social media scheduler

Smarterqueue helps you manage all of your top social networks. The features have been tried and tested to help you speed up social media scheduling.

To help you even further, it has Content Categories with a drag-and-drop Posting Plan. As a result, they make it possible for you to never manually schedule a post ever again.

If you are looking for a social media scheduler that is not only easy and flexible but also light to your pockets, this is the tool that will fit right for you. It is affordable even for the smallest business owner and has an easy to operate platform.

Pricing: Around $70/mo ( Starting plan)

“I’ve tried most of the top schedulers and came back to SmarterQueue. I run three businesses so it helps me to organise my content, make sure I am posting to all of my profiles, easily see gaps in the schedule and keep my best stuff on repeat. It is one of the essentials of my business tool box.Only con is that Instagram isn’t auto posting (yet).”

Angela Tempest

13. Buffer – A popular social media scheduling tool

social media scheduling tool - buffer social media scheduler

With its industry-leading features, Buffer helps you craft the perfect post for each social network so as to step up your social game. It is, in fact, a team of real people managing things for you.

As a result, it helps you take marketing to the next level. It is indeed one of the most organized tools out there.

It is a complete social media scheduling tool. Also, it has become one of the leading software because of modern practices. The Buffer’s Open Blog consistently features articles on work culture, self-improvement, and ways to work smarter.

Pricing :$15/mo(Starting, limited features)

The best thing Buffer provides us is posts scheduling feature, it’s really useful to get our blog posts live at a given time and I can even schedule posts for many days. Overall, it is a must have for Social Media users who can’t spend waking every hour to post.

Anmol D

14. Iconosquare – A social media scheduling tool with powerful analytics

social media scheduling tool - iconsquare social media scheduler

Iconosquare is a powerful analytics, management & scheduling platform for brands and agencies worldwide looking to level up their presence on social media.

It works great when you want to schedule posts, monitor competitors’ activity and engage with your audience all from within one platform. Only for Instagram and Facebook.

According to Iconosquare itself, “It works closely with Instagram account and helps you in growing a rich strategy, engaging with your community and analyze your performance with analytics.”

Detailed analytics is definitely the most impressive feature of this social media scheduling tool. One can gain valuable insights related to audience behavior.

Pricing: $29/mo (Starting)

“With iconosquare PRO I see all important analytics and statistics data on one page. Improving our social media strategy is vital to our business. So knowing what content is relevant for our customers is key to growing our business. All information is played out in a clean and “easy to compare” way. A personalised dashboard allows us to be really time-efficient.”

Peter F

15. SocialChamp – A social media scheduling tool with easy bulk scheduling

social media scheduling tool - socialchamp social media scheduler

With Social Champ, you just create your content once. Then, let the software post your content in all your profiles with just a single click of a button.

The software works with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social Champ makes scheduling tons of content seem like a walk in the park with its bulk scheduling capability.

It is one of the best softwares to drive traffic and thus boost engagement on social media accounts.

As similar to most of the simple social tools and scheduling softwares, Social champ provides:

  • Automated publishing
  • Customer engagement
  • Social media monitoring
  • Multi-account management
  • Reporting / Analytics

Pricing: $10/mo (Professional plan)

Social Champ has been a fun/easy experience to set up my social media postings. It’s a tool that is great for social media management.I think the UI/UX could be better and could use more features like buffer/hootsuite.”

Newaz C.

16. Later – A great social media scheduling tool for Instagram

social media scheduling tool - later social media scheduler

Later helps streamline your social media strategy so you can set yourself up for more sales and success. This tool focuses on visual scheduling, media management, marketing, and analytics.

A cloud-based platform that helps you plan, manage and schedule your visual social media posts and marketing campaigns on Instagram.

It was first developed for Instagram, but now also supports Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can even view your feed of Instagram after scheduling the posts, and see how will your profile look like. The saved captions allow you to store hashtag groups or other text for future purposes.

Pricing: $16/mo (Most popular plan)

“I can go on vacation and not worry that my Team’s social media channels will be without content while I am gone. It is so seamless people think I never take a vacation! The disadvantage is using the free version, you are limited in the number of posts that you can schedule per month. And you can’t see the statistics also.”

Renee H.

17. Social Aider – An affordable social media scheduling tool 

social media scheduling tool - social aider social media scheduler

Social Aider is one of the best social media scheduling tools. Consequently, it allows you to automate all your social media accounts from ONE Dashboard.

It has been designed to save your time and effort. It schedules your posts to be uploaded at the time, date & frequency of your requirement.

You can add unlimited social media profiles to this tool. You can even line up the content of a month and also get real-time notifications of your posts.

Additionally, it provides you hashtag suggestions, RSS import options and the ability to post in different time zones. They also have the option of customizing plans according to your requirements.

Pricing: $10/mo (Personal)

I’ve found the Social Aider program very easy to use for scheduling. All my social media posts for my business and those I work with.I’d like more posting suggestions that are ready-to-post, but other than that, the software is very good.”

Kyle C

18. Social Report – A social media scheduling tool with easy-to-use interface

social media scheduling tool - social report social media scheduler

Social Report has advanced tools for social media posting, scheduling and real-time communication across networks and devices.

To help you further, it has features like targeted management, advanced scheduling, social listening, unique automation, sophisticated analytics, etc.

If you are looking for a very high powered social media scheduling tool, that too at a very low price, then this tool is for you. Social Report has been flying with all the posting calendars, social listening, and high-level reporting or analytics. Along with a professional-looking front end, this tool is also super easy to use.

 Pricing: $49/mo 

I really appreciate Social Reports ease of use. I’ve spent the last year trying out several social media platforms. I wanted to find out which would be the best for me and my clients. Items that were most important to me in my pursuit of finding the best was the ease of use, customer service, completeness, and price. The platform is extremely easy to navigate. A few clicks and you’re ready to schedule a post.”

LaToya G

What should you look for in social media scheduling tools?

That’s it, folks. There are plenty more social media scheduling tools that you will chance upon if you search online. Find out which plan works best for you. Compare pricing with each other and voila, you will turn into a social media savvy person or at least seem like one. 

Most of the social media scheduling tools offer a free trial. and have different features that not only help you schedule posts but also teach you other things.

Other things include creating better content and analyzing social media performance. 

The most important part while choosing the best social media scheduling tools is knowing your needs. The better you know your brand needs, the more you will know which areas need improvement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which social media scheduling tool is best?

The best social media scheduling tool for your business depends on the features and pricing you are looking for. The best social media scheduler is more than just a shortcut to schedule posts in advance. The right tools help you in simplifying the overall social media management process and improving your efficiency so you have more time to curate great content and engage with your followers. RecurPost is one such tool that provides the best scheduling and automation features at a pocket-friendly price. Take the 14-day free trial to try it out now. 

2. What is the easiest social media scheduler?

RecurPost is a social media scheduler that offers you the easiest interface to work with. It is one of the simplest and clear scheduling tools that let you easily schedule posts across 5 major social media platforms. In just a few steps, you can schedule months’ worth of content. You can categorize your content neatly into unlimited libraries and create workspaces to sort different projects/clients/social media platforms. To try the tool and test its ease of use, you can take the 14-day trial. 

3. How do you do social media scheduling?

You can create a social media posting schedule in the 5 easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Conduct a social media audit and decide the goals that you’d like to achieve using your social media accounts.
  2. Understand industry norms and competition using social media listening.
  3. Decide the frequency at which you’ll be posting on each social account.
  4. Decide the timings at which you’ll post. Find the best times to post on social media here.
  5. Create content and schedule them in advance using a social media scheduling tool like RecurPost.

4. What is the best social media scheduler for small businesses?

Big hotshot scheduling tools like HootSuite and Buffer do not fit into the budgets of small businesses and startups. If you are looking for a tool that doesn’t harm your pockets and provides basic as well as advanced scheduling features, RecurPost would be the perfect pick. It has plans suitable for everyone including entrepreneurs, small businesses, bloggers, agencies, startups, as well as medium to large scale enterprises. The pricing plans start from just $12.50/month. Check all the plans here. 

5. What are the benefits of social media scheduling tools?

A social media scheduling tool lets you create and streamline your entire content calendar. Some of the benefits of using a social media scheduling tool are:

  • Manage multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard
  • Never miss posting an important update 
  • Organize your social media DMs and notifications in a single place
  • Schedule weeks’ or months’ worth of content ahead of time
  • Analyze the performance of your posts
  • Make room for more real-time engagement
  • Simplify the content curation process
  • Makes uniformity and consistency easier