The Ultimate Social Media Glossary for 2019

Social media glossary

Social Media Marketing has become a tipping point for every brand in today’s rapidly changing business environment. If you’re a Social Media Marketer indulged in keeping a record of these changing algorithms and trends, understanding acronyms and technical words become a tough task.

Well, until you spend every waking moment on this vast online community.

Don’t worry, we have prepared this ultimate repository of all your Social Media terms.

Sounds great right?

Everything you want in a single place – a glossary of all the social media deets.

Go ahead and bookmark this page, you never know when the time calls for a little social geekspeak.

– A –


AddThis is a web-tracking technology company that offers social media and content tools – It ranges from responsive sharing buttons, custom follow buttons to recommended content plugins – specifically designed to help you increase engagement on your website and earn more followers on social media.


The algorithm is a technique used by social media platforms to analyze which piece of content gets priority on the user’s news feed, based on their interests, activities, searches, and interaction. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat functions via an algorithm, whereas Twitter still uses chronological feed.


It is Google’s extension used to analyze data, and create detailed statistics of web visitors. Whenever a website uses cookies or another tracking tag, it stores users’ activities for Google Analytics. This is an absolutely free service that allows tracking links, run A / B-testing, and provides the traffic data in real-time.

Alt words

A text which appears when website visitors are impaired of the contents of a picture. An attribute added to HTML codes for the image, the alt text should have a description of the image.

Audience Selector

A tool to segment your audience. If you want to share something on Facebook only with a targeted audience, including pages of your own, you can use the Audience selector.

Anchor text

A set of clickable keywords highlighted with a backlink to another webpage. It is an SEO technique, Google uses external anchor text to help understand what your page is about and also for which keywords the page should rank.  


AMA stands for “Ask me Anything.” It was popularized as a subreddit community where users use the term AMA to prompt other users to share information and ask questions. Since then, the acronym has gone viral on various other platforms, Instagram also launched its infamous Questions story feature on similar lines.

– B –

Banner Ads

Banner Ads are image-based ads used for online advertising. The primary purpose of banner ads is to promote a brand and get web traffic from the host website to the advertiser’s website.


Bitly is a tool used for URL shortening. Specific social media platforms like Twitter are limited to a certain count of characters. Bitly helps them to condense the long URLs and save a little on the character count.


The backlink is a hyperlink that one website draws from other websites using HTML href code. Backlinks are a prominent factor in determining organic search rankings.

Let’s say Website X has backlinks from Website Y, Z, and W .Then website X has the vote of Y, Z, and W for Seo ranking. Hence, a secure backlink connection helps in better SEO.


The one you’re reading is a blog. Initially known as weblogs, blogs are used to maintain a digital footprint with quality content regarding events, information, and other resources like videos and graphics library. A blog is used to attract new users while engaging the existing ones.

Black Hat

It is a term used for Digital marketers or SEO specialists who use unethical ways of marketing to rank high on google search. They use methods like spammy link building, keyword stuffing, cloaking, and other manipulations to rank higher


BoardReader is a free search engine that allows users to search for keywords in posts and titles of online forums. It is a popular form of social networking.



A content management system is usually a software application or a set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content.   


Clickbait refers to attractive web-content created deliberately to lure visitors to increase page views, thereby earning revenues via traffic. Lose Weight in 10 days Ads is a perfect example of clickbait.

Conversion Rate

CR is the percentage of visitors who complete a desired goal compared to the total visitors.


It is a program designed to scan across websites for their content and purpose. It is used by search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. for their index.


A cookie is a small file sent from a website to the user’s computer and stored on the user’s browser. They store relevant information about the user’s browsing activity like products listed on the shopping cart, name, address, passwords, etc.    

Clickthrough Rate

CTR is the number of times a viewer clicks on a specific link divided by the total viewers of the link. It is widely used in web advertising.

A high CTR is a good indication that users find your ads helpful and relevant. The higher the rate, the more effective the advertising is


If the term crowdsourcing is split into two: crowd and outsourcing, it becomes self-explanatory. Through crowdsourcing, large work projects can be broken down into smaller chunks called microtasks and then outsourced for fast, efficient completion

Creative Commons (CC)

It is an American non-profit organization that provides licenses to creators to share their work. Any original content created is subject to copyrights that prevent its further use. CC allows the creator to select how they want others to use their work. 


CTA stands for “Call to Action.” It is the next action that asks viewers to engage further with a brand. For example. Sign up, Subscribe, Join, Reach out to us, etc.

Community Manager

An individual responsible for building, engaging, and monitoring communications and relationships between members of an online business community.

Cross Channel

This refers to the practice of communication across channels like SMS, email, chat, messenger, etc. between marketers and customers. It is also known as multi-channel or omnichannel.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an art of attracting and retaining customers using content. It is in the form of photos, videos, blogs, vlogs, etc., any type of content which stimulates the interest of viewers in a particular brand or business.

– D –


It is a social media management tool that is used by individuals or companies to coordinate social media presence across multiple channels through a single interface.

Dark Web

It refers to content on the World Wide Web that exists in darkness. It uses the internet but can be accessed only after specific software, configurations, and authorizations. It uses a masked IP address so that the user’s anonymity is maintained.  

Digital Assistant

It is a computer program designed to assist a user by answering specific questions and performing certain tasks. For example, Siri on iPhone, Amazon’s Alexa, Chatbots or instant messaging tools for various service-based brands, etc.


DM or Direct Message is information exchanged between two users on social media privately.  


It refers to a blog comment hosting service for online communities who uses a networked platform.

Deflection rate

The percentage of issues in customer service that are transferred from social media to other channels such as emails, phone.


It is the unethical practice of tracing someone via Internet databases, social media, etc. Its methods include searching, hacking, broadcasting one popularly for coercion, online shaming, extortion.


Engagement rate

It is the percentage of interactions (in the form of like, share, comment, etc.) which a piece of content receives on social media concerning viewers. It is usually used to determine the success of a campaign run by a brand.


It is an electronic form of a traditional print book. It can be accessed by a computer or specially designed hand-held device.


It is an exclusive feature of LinkedIn wherein a user can vouch for one or more of your skills.

Email Marketing

As the name suggests, it is a way of marketing used by businesses to potential and current customer base. It is one of the most widely used and successful forms of marketing.  

Embedded Media

It refers to a piece of media content or files embedded from outside on a web page or a particular social media. Examples include gif, sound clips, youtube video, google maps, google calendar, etc.  



On social media channels, feed is the stream of the content usually displayed on the homepage as updates or data created by other users.  


It refers to effects that can be applied to photographs before publishing them. These effects could be created by changing shades, colors, pixels, adding frames, etc.  


It is a public media or a message board that hosts discussions in the form of likes, comments, etc.



It is a way of delivering content to a website visitor based on the user’s location. This includes segmenting the users based on country, state, zip code, etc. It is practiced mainly to optimize advertising. It can be carried out based on language, currency, and others.


It is an acronym for Graphics Interface Format. It is a file that supports both static and animated versions of an image. It is used to interact on social platforms without using words.  



This is a specific filter added to photographs before broadcasting that describes the geographical location. Snapchat users put geofilters often. These geofilters are accessible only in a particular geographic area, and the time snap has been taken.

Google AMP

Here, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google AMP is a website publishing technology by google to create mobile-optimized content. It was created so that a user does not have to wait long for loading websites on a mobile phone.


It is a directional coordinate attached to a photograph, video, or social media message. For example, On Instagram, users add a location to a picture conveying where it was taken.

Gravity Forms

It is a WordPress plugin used for contact forms, where it allows site owners to create forms to collect information.



It is an acronym for help a reporter out. It is online service which journalists use to obtain feedback from the public. It enables journalists to connect with experts in issues relevant to their reporting.


It refers to the username of a person on social media.  


It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a programming language for webpages.

Header Image

It refers to the massive image placed on top of a social media profile. It is larger than the profile picture, often in landscape format acting as a banner.



It is the number of times an advertisement or sponsored post has been seen by users.  

Influencer Marketing

It is a marketing strategy used by business houses to promote their products, services, or campaigns through an influential person on social media.

Inbound Volume

It is the volume of messages directed at a particular social media account within a given time frame.

Inbound Marketing

It is a marketing strategy of attracting customers to a business using tactics like content marketing, search engine optimization, etc. The content could be in the form of a blog post, photos, podcasts, e-books, webinars, etc.



KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. It is a metric system to understand and analyze the success or failure of social media. Examples of a few KPIs include brand awareness, cost per lead, online conversion rate, etc.


It is an indicator of how influential your social media activities are. The Klout website allows you to connect your social accounts to the service, which can then scan them to see how engaging and influential your activities are.


The keywords are SEO phrases in your web content that makes it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site.

Keyword stuffing

Large numbers of keywords are inserted in the web content and meta tags with the motive to increase ranking of the page and traffic on the site.



Lead refers to a person who shows interest in your business. He/She has the potential to become a customer.

Lookalike Audience

Lookalike Audience is algorithmically assembled members on social media who look similar to the audience who are already interacting with your business, i.e., a list of potential customers who share the same interest as existing ones.  

Longtail Keyword

Longtail keyword is 3 or more words long search phrases. These are highly relevant for a niche audience rather than those keywords that generate high traffic. For example, keywords could be shoes whereas longtail keyword is “converse all star white women’s shoes.”


LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It’s like Facebook for your career, a place where your work lets you stand apart.

Like baiting

Like baiting is the practice of explicitly requesting likes, shares and other engagement forms on social media.  


A listicle is list based article popular on social media, especially on Facebook because of its list-style format which is easy and quick to fathom. For example. 10 Must-visit places in India.



A meme is a virally-transmitted photograph that is embellished with text that pokes fun at a cultural symbol or social idea. The majority of modern memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior. Other memes can be videos and verbal expressions.


Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically.

Marketing Automation

It is a software that automates marketing action. It is a medium through which marketing people depend upon automation for their repetitive tasks such as social media posting, emails, broadcasts, and many more.


It is a medium that allows users to create short messages. It is immediately available, and it is trendy as it has a short content.  

Multi-Channel Attribution

It refers to the process of which marketing channel leads you to sale. Additionally, each marketing channel is given credit according to their role.


It is a technique by a website that uses data from existing different sources and creates new content.


News Feed

It refers to seeing the latest things on your social media wall. On newsfeed, continuous transmission of data takes place so that new and most recent news updates.


It refers to injecting or putting your idea in the current events going around and promoting your product.


Net promoter score is a tool for checking the loyalty of the customers that will they recommend you to others or not? As people rely on word of mouth


Organic reach

It refers to individuals who have seen the post through unpaid networks on their newsfeed.

Omnichannel Marketing

It is the same as cross channel marketing.


Paid reach

It refers to those individuals who paid to see the posts on your page.


It is a link that will remain unchanged and will direct you to a particular post.


It is a fraudulent activity that is done to obtain sensitive information such as passwords and usernames.


It is used for developing and managing social media problems and solutions.


It is an audio file that is available for downloading to your device, it is available in series or installments.


Quora Marketing

Quora marketing is selling your product/ service on quora, and the best part is you mainly reach your targeted audiences. It helps in lead generation and adds traffic to your websites.

Quote Tweet

Quote Tweet means you are sharing someone’s tweet (just like sharing a Fb post) with your comment/mention/thought about the tweet, here you still have 140 characters to share besides the tweet content of the other person/business.


It is a measurement tool for a web audience that collects real-time data and the traffic that the site is getting from a marketing perspective.


Real-time Search

It refers to looking if the material is published in real-time, here there is no delay between the composition and publishing.

Real-Time marketing

It refers to creating a strategy focusing on current, relevant trends and customer feedback.


ROI is the return of investment. It tells how much revenue your social media is generating for you and how much you are spending on it.

Relevance Score

It is a rating that tells how well your facebook ad or any other site is doing and how does your audience rate you. Higher they rate you the more relevant your ad is.

Response rate

It is the measurement of the number of people who respond to a specific action of yours.


It is a method of targeting those users who visited your page but did not complete the task, such as a purchase. One can track their activities and thus retarget them.  



Search engine marketing is an internet-based marketing, where the promotion of websites is done by increasing the visibility in the search engines result in pages through paid advertising.   


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the structured approach to increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic.

Shared Content

It is the content that one shares through social media. Content that can evoke reactions is shared with other networks. It is done so that one can increase the likeliness towards them.

Social Listening

It is a process wherein one can monitor how are the users responding and what are they saying about their brand or company.

Social Selling

It refers to a process where relationships are built between the sellers and the consumers. The people answer the questions of consumers, and in this way, they interact with the potential customers and increase their sales.


Identification of media channels to be used for marketing, duration of messages, position, etc.

Share of voice

It is a measure to track your brand against the competitors, by this you can improve your performance against the marketing channels.


It refers to ‘social – local – mobile’ this helps the salesperson to pass the notifications to the near-by users for marketing themselves.  


It refers to the irrelevant messages spread on the internet. These are sent to a variety of people for various purposes like an advertisement, phishing.

Sponsored Content

Sponsered content is the connection between the endorser and the marketer through the consumer takes his or her evaluation of the product or service.



It allows users to engage them with the individuals or any entity whom they have tagged or say mentioned them in a post or comment.


It refers to the sequence of messages on the initial post, this allows you to join the discussion.


It refers to how to respond to a comment, tone of response, whether to respond or not.


It refers to creating a problem or controversy by saying something on the internet to evoke a response from people.   


It refers to the number of users who visit a  website or page. Nowadays increasing traffic on your website or any social media platform has become a very challenging goal.



The user interface means the space on a website that a user interacts with. This includes graphic design, navigation visual elements required by an individual for decision making. User experience is the process of developing, researching and refining the user’s interaction with the company to make sure that the company is meeting users’ needs.


User-Generated Content refers to describing content which is in any form such as videos, images, etc. created by consumers of an online system and is publicly available to other end-users, also called user-generated media.


It is a method through which you can give approval for a post on social media. It is usually used on Quora.

URL Shortener

It refers to a website that reduces the length of a uniform resource locator. It reduces the web page address to something easy to remember.



It is a short form of video-hosting-service on which users can share videos lasting for maximum 6 seconds and can be shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter.


It is a term used to describe any content or media that is shared on social media that spreads very quickly among the users.

VIrtual Reality

It is a technology that allows users to experience an artificial environment through a headset and controls.

Vanity Metric

Vanity metrics are things like registered users, downloads, and raw pageviews. They can be manipulative.


It is the set of videos that are posted regularly on a website or social media.


It is a badge of check that appears next to your account name.



A web-based seminar that is conducted in the form of presentation, lectures, workshops that are transmitted over web using video conference software. It is beneficial when the sessions are informative.

White Hat

It refers to honest, legal, and fair means of digital marketing.



It refers to a freemium enterprise social networking service, which is used for private communication within an organization.

Youtube Ads

YouTube advertisers pay per view of their ad, with an average cost-per-view ranging between $.10 – $.30. The views also count toward your overall YouTube views.


It is a review site wherein users post their reviews and rate businesses.



It connects the apps that you use daily to automate your work.


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