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Social Media Marketing Tips for Life and Wellness Coaches

Online Coaching is a growing trend, but with just content, you can't have an outreach you desire to achieve. To build a tribe from scratch for your Wellness or Life Coaching business, it is essential you have deets regarding a perfect Social Media strategy.
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The modern monk, wellness, and self-love promoter Jay Shetty did a poll on Instagram recently, asking his followers if they are motivated by his content, and 95% hit a Yes. This article by RecurPost, a social media scheduler, will cover social media tips and tricks you can apply to optimize your marketing strategy.

Late millennials and generation-Z are dwelling over the Internet, crashing stereotypes, mental health, and everything else are gaining #trending from this black hole.

But to our relief, this wave is now advocating a new edge of Wellness, Self-love, Positivity, and Awareness with the push of social media influencers.

Being a Wellness Influencer in this digital age is both an exciting and challenging opportunity. It is a growing field where everyone has something relevant to share. But they fail to communicate to the relevant audience.

Lily Singh, Jay Shetty, Sadhguru, Prince EA, and many others are the current generation’s wisdom educators. They tossed the concept of well-being into our daily lives.

Online Coaching is a growing trend, but with just content, you can’t have the outreach you desire to achieve. To build a tribe from scratch for your Wellness or Life Coaching business, it is essential you have the deets regarding a perfect Social Media Marketing strategy. This blog by RecurPost, a social media scheduler will give you insight on few things you should follow

Here are a few things you should follow to have an active online presence


Find your Target Audience

Social media is a vast ocean, and you can never discover it all at once. And if you don’t have a perfect plan in place, you’re just aimlessly flowing with the water current.

While starting with something new, you need to have a clear sense of who is going to follow your aesthetics i.e. you have to funnel down your target audience.

Being a Wellness coach, you might have various walks of life to target, but you need to figure out how your niche can benefit from that.

To be an effective coach, you should be contextually aware of the demographics of your customer and create a visual representation of your ideal client.

Take a look at your competitor’s audience, conduct a market study and then figure out how you would define your target audience.


Invest Money into Social Media

If something doesn’t have a social footprint, it is considered outlandish by the modern generation.

If you can create a buzz on Social Media, you are already partially successful in life coach marketing strategy.

After analyzing your audience and creating a buyer persona, strategize your investment in social media and target it towards the right set of people.

RecurPost is a powerful social media tool that allows posting on multiple platforms using a single software. It enables users to schedule Facebook posts on their personal profiles, business page, and groups. Using RecurPost, you can create a post one time and schedule it for multiple platforms simultaneously in just a few clicks.

It is a false notion that you can be by the pool relaxing and still can have a top-notch social media game, without spending a single penny.

invest money in to social media by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

Sometimes it can be intimidating to pay for your social media engagement, but promote a post which you think is doing well.

Start with a small budget and see where it takes you, there is always another post to experiment with. A few trials and reformulations can tweak up your social media visibility.


Tell a sparkling story

A lot of times, our feed is cluttered with robotic data and facts, and it seems like another rugged routine to follow. Publishing and promoting are just not enough to hold people’s attention. You should give them something to connect with and become a loyal ambassador of your coaching business.

Storytelling is one of the great ways through which you can attract and gain the trust of your followers and will help you in social media marketing services. If they can sense the emotion and passion involved in your principles, it naturally creates a strong bond.

The viral sensation Jay Shetty portrays all of his content by introducing a story first.

This has helped him establish a credible personal brand that people trust, his content speaks directly with the audience. Share your personal growth or create a story which showcases your beliefs that works toward creating a better relationship.


Bespoke Pictures

Yes! It is a must. What looks better feels better. We get it, you’re a wellness coach, or want be an effective coach, so you don’t have to be a professional photographer or a selfie whizz to do that. A little practice, good lighting, composition, and perfect editing would do the trick for you.

It is essential to have quality pictures and perspectives.

If someone lands on your page, your visual representation is something that will entice them to scroll more.

It is important you have fun with your social media, no one likes monotonous content unless you have an underlying theme to follow.

Again, It is not necessary to be a pro-photographer, you can also go with stock images.

If you’re using RecurPost, you can easily add stock images using our integrated feature to add free images to your posts in content libraries in RecurPost.


Engage them like a social butterfly

Engage, Engage, Engage.

A lot of times, we measure our social media success by the count of likes. But liking a picture is just a speck involved in scrolling, your posts should help people engage.

Ask them questions, make your captions a dialogue for 2-way communication.

The new Instagram algorithm is a force for engagement where the comments determine your place in someone else’s feed. Hence, stop focusing on the likes.

Make sure your followers have positive communication with your brand.

social media tips to engage them by recurpost as best social media scheduler

You can do it by going live, adding Instagram polls, stories, or anything that gives them a nudge to acknowledge you, either for a query or appreciation. Promote engagement for your well-being business, not just followers.


Follow what you preach

Well-being and positivity are very fragile concepts, and with the fierce competition online, pseudo-coach surfaces every day.

People always seek credibility, and follower count and influencer status shouldn’t be something you should aim for. To scale your business, ensure your growth is organic and the content is reliable.

Make sure you follow whatever you are asking your users to follow; in the end, it’s all about how, being a life coach, you can positively impact their lives and help them grow. Being a Wellbeing Coach online is no different from practicing the same thing in the real world.

Your one-to-one changes into one-to-many, but it still requires the same amount of dedication, honesty, and expertise. Just make sure you are consistent with changing trends and help your users engage in a better life.

engaging caption for social media tips by recurpost as best  social media scheduler

What are some social media tips and tricks that you use to grow your brand? Let us know in the comments!

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