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3 Easy Steps to Create a Buyer Persona for Business

buyer persona - social media scheduler

Planning your next social media campaign? Creating a layout for your new website? Looking for a social media scheduler to help you post your content on social media without any hassle for the buyer persona?

I have just one question for you – Do you know who your target customer is?


Buyer Persona is a way of developing a deep understanding of your buyers. It provides you with rich insights about your buyers’ demographics, objectives, challenges, and motivations, which helps you create targeted digital strategies.

Does it mean Profiling your Buyers?

Unlike profiling, you dwell deeply on your buyer’s behavior and thought process.

Do you create a semi-fictional representation of your buyers?

Buyer’s Persona is backed by extensive qualitative and quantitative research. It acts as a semi-fictional representation of your buyers.

To put it in simple words, Tony Zambito (the founder and creator of buyer persona development) defines Buyer’s Persona as the research-based representation of people who are likely to buy your product/service, why they buy your product/service, what thought process and behavior pattern they resort to while buying your product/service and, when and where do they buy your product/service.

By creating 3-4 Buyer’s Persona, one can scale over 90% company’s revenues just by creating content or visuals according to the needs, behavior, issues, and concerns of their target audience.

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You need to dig out interesting and intricate details about your buyers to make your Buyer’s Persona look realistic. Research is the key to form archetypes of your buyers.

There are two ways to collect data:


Primary Research

Primary Research involves conducting Interviews or holding incentive-based surveys over google forms, emails or calls. Head start to your data collection could be your existing contact base or taking feedback of your sales team. You conduct interviews with your consumers, taking referrals and even through a third party. Some companies use websites like Survey Monkey to keep a track of their existing customers.


Secondary Research

Secondary Research is using the data or studies based on primary research carried out by other companies. With the boom in technology, you can get a better understanding of your buyers using Google Analytics or Facebook Insights, or Google Business Profile. This will help to form a base for a well-designed Buyer’s Persona.

You shouldn’t concentrate on any personas that don’t fall into one of those two categories since they lack the power to influence or make purchases. But knowing how to add promotion on LinkedIn will be a cherry on the cake.



What to do with all the raw data you collected about your current or prospective consumers? How to make it easy for your team to understand your data?

The next step is to analyze and figure out similarities from your data and form a draft persona based on:


Demographic details

Here you can include basic and brief details:

Age – child, adolescent, adult, old

Gender- male, female, transgender

Relationship – single, married, divorced

Lives – urban, rural, city, town

Income – poor, middle class, rich

Education level- high school, undergraduate, masters, PhD

Hobbies – sports, performing arts, fine arts, software-related



The type of person, peculiar habits, and their outlook towards the surrounding

Goals – to become a successful, to travel around the globe  

Fear- losing a job, being bankrupt

Attitude- optimistic, practical, pessimistic, ideal

Personality- introvert, extrovert, ambivert

Online behavior – scrolling through facebook


Product/ Service

This mostly includes the buying habits

Frequency of Products bought – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

When they buy your product – occasion, daily need

What is your product used for at home, office at school or at university

Helping in enhancing or solving their problems –


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Communication Preference

How do they like to communicate?

Phone – Call / Text


Social media – Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, LinkedIn, Twitter


Acquire Information

Social media





Include the mannerism and quotes you might have picked up when you surveyed or observed.

Buzz words



Visual and Content Creation

Once you are done making a draft persona, you can make separate personas and assign names, such as Traveler Arya, Techie Harry, or Graduate Sam.

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Visual data enables your data to be loud and clear. Try to make your data more visually appealing by including infographics, graphics, avatars, and many more. Using our free template, you can also give a creative bend to your persona. Start creating your first buyer persona today, and let us know in the comments about it.