Free Facebook Post Scheduler To Automate Posting

Best Facebook Post Scheduler to Plan, Schedule, and Manage recurring posts.

Free Facebook Post Scheduler for Automated Posting
Best Free Facebook Post Scheduler to Notch-up Marketing

Notch-up your Facebook Marketing game plan

Bulk schedule Facebook posts on profiles, pages & groups

With RecurPost’s free Facebook post scheduler, posting updates on Facebook has now become easier than ever. Using its bulk scheduling, you can plan and automate hundreds of posts in advance for multiple Facebook profiles, Pages, and Groups by grouping them into separate Content Libraries.

By creating different content libraries, you will have a dedicated space for each of your accounts separately. It will keep your social media calendar well organized, thus giving you insights on what needs to be posted on profiles, pages, and groups individually. When you first sign up on RecurPost, you will get three default libraries created to kick-start your content addition process. You can further create unlimited libraries and create unlimited schedules to go out on your Facebook accounts using RecurPost’s free Facebook automation tool.

Be the Trend Setter of your industry

Do much more than just automated Facebook posting

schedule Facebook Posts Free by creating hashtags

Make The Most Of Your Marketing With Social Media Scheduling Tool

Automate Free Facebook Posts to Enhance video marketing

Become a Visual Storyteller

Schedule and automate Facebook posts that contain videos

Videos are the books of today and with RecurPost, you can be the author of your story. Just like photo updates are popular on Instagram, video updates are popular on Facebook. They have a higher engagement rate as compared to still photographs. RecurPost’s social media scheduling tool allows you to seamlessly  schedule Facebook posts for free with videos. Your videos will appear as if you posted them from Facebook natively.

By continuously scheduling your video updates and Facebook auto posting  for a long time, you can drastically improve the traffic on your FB page, groups, and even redirect that traffic to your website.

Aim. Attract. Get Successful.

A free Facebook post scheduler that uploads your content at the best times

RecurPost’s AI engine and Facebook automation tool are specially designed to decide the best time to reach your audience. We will study the engagement levels on all your posts and then recommend the best time to upload content. When you schedule Facebook posts, you will get an option saying ‘Auto-schedule for best time’. You just need to check that box and RecurPost will take care of the rest by automating Facebook posts.

By using RecurPost reports, keep track of your marketing KPIs. Use our insights to get a better understanding of your audience and how likely they are to engage with you. All these features will assist you in finding out what your audience likes and further modify your content strategy accordingly. RecurPost not only offers a Facebook post scheduler, but also a lot of ways to actually grow your online presence along with free Facebook group auto poster. 

Free Facebook post scheduler for best time sharing
Schedule Facebook Posts free in bulk using CSV file

Have complete control of all your updates

Create, edit, schedule, or delete Facebook posts anytime

Facebook post scheduler by RecurPost offers you multiple ways to upload content. It’s possible to create one-off updates or recurring schedules according to your requirements. You can upload content in bulk through CSV files, by importing from social accounts, or through other websites and schedule Facebook posts for free using that content. You can completely control the look and feel of every single update.

You can organize your recurring Facebook schedules on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Got any changes in posting plans? Don’t worry, we got your back. You can make last-minute changes to your schedules and edit your posts whenever you want to. If you no longer wish to upload a particular update, you can also delete it entirely from your content libraries.  This is how you  automate Facebook posts for free on RecurPost like a pro.

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White-label your reports

Get neat reports with our free Facebook post scheduler

We know the importance of appearing professional while representing your brand’s reports to your clients or team members. White label reporting is essential for your company’s branding efforts. If you’re not including your branding with your reports, you’re missing out on an opportunity to strengthen your brand and add a personalized touch. Since clients will be looking at your reports regularly, that’s a lot of brand reinforcement.

With RecurPost’s Facebook marketing automation solutions, you can do this task in just one click. We provide the feature of white-label reports, using which you can add your brand’s logo to all the social media reports. Thus, all the improvements that you made in increasing the reach of social accounts can now be presented along with your branding! From small businesses to large enterprises, this feature will be an added advantage to your scheduling efforts. There is no doubt in the fact that all of this makes RecurPost the best free Facebook auto poster.

Free Facebook Scheduler to get performance reports
schedule facebook group posts free

Manage your Facebook groups like a pro

Best free Facebook group auto poster as a profile or a page

Through RecurPost’s Facebook post scheduler, you can schedule posts on Facebook groups that you administer as well as groups that you are a member of. We let you schedule Facebook posts both as a profile and as a page. However, to post on a Facebook group as a member using RecurPost, there are 2 prerequisites: The admin of the Facebook group must have installed the RecurPost app in the group & The admin must allow group members to post.

Automated Facebook Posting on a group as a page is possible when your FB page is connected to your RecurPost account, and you are an admin of that page. You can switch anytime between scheduling posts to Facebook groups as a profile or as a page.

A Facebook post scheduler with a social inbox

See and manage FB page’s conversations, comments, fan updates, and reviews

Our Social Inbox is a platform that enables all of your social media inboxes to be connected into one single unified dashboard. It allows you to manage notifications from all social media sites from a single place. It enables you to watch all your chats, mentions, comments, and conversations, and take action on them. Thus, along with the ability to schedule Facebook posts for free, you can also take advantage of monitoring your page notifications.

You can easily serve all discussions in one feed, instead of having to log in to each social account separately or choose to concentrate on select networks with a sorting option. Whenever you receive a message on your Facebook page, it will show up in RecurPost Inbox too. You will be able to reply to that message by adding text as well as by uploading media from your device straight from RecurPost. In short, you can automate Facebook posts like never before.

Free Facebook post scheduler with a social inbox

Comparing RecurPost with other social media scheduling tools

There are a lot of tools available out there offering the feature of scheduling posts ahead of time. However, the role of a social media scheduling tool doesn’t stop here. Apart from the features that we talked about in the above paragraphs, RecurPost has got a lot to offer. Some of them include white-labelling reports, simplified content categorization, Chrome plugin, URL shortener, social inbox, etc. To know how RecurPost’s free Facebook post scheduler stands out from the famous tools like HootSuiteBufferSproutSocial, and others, check out the detailed comparisons from the link below in footer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

RecurPost provides the best free Facebook post scheduler that enables you to schedule posts on Facebook personal profiles, groups, as well as pages. It serves you with amazing scheduling features like bulk upload, content categorization, evergreen recycling, advanced analytics, best time schedules, social inbox, team management, and a lot more. All these features come at a cost of just $20.83/month. Take the 14-day free trial to try it out now.

Using Facebook in-built scheduling tools, you can only schedule posts on FB pages and groups that you are an admin of. That too, only one post can be scheduled at a time. If you want to schedule multiple posts at a time, or schedule posts on a personal profile, you need to use a social media scheduling tool that offers a Facebook post scheduler.

RecurPost lets you schedule posts on Facebook personal profiles, pages, as well as groups. You simply need to sign up, connect your FB accounts, and start your process of automated Facebook posting. You can bulk upload posts, add their details (caption, images, hashtags, etc), and schedule them to be uploaded at your desired timings. It is the best automated Facebook posting tool in the market.

A majority of Facebook post schedulers support automatic Facebook posting  only on FB pages or groups. If you wish to manage and schedule posts on your personal FB profile, RecurPost can help you out. You simply need to connect your account to RecurPost and start schedule posts. When it’s time for your posts to go out on your profile, you will get a push notification on your app. By clicking on it, you will be able to post on your personal profiles too.

Scheduling on your Facebook group is just a matter of minutes with RecurPost! You simply need to connect your group to RecurPost to get started with the Facebook post scheduler. You can then add one-off posts or create recurring libraries. These can be scheduled as per your desired date and time. If you are not sure about when to schedule your post, select the option of ‘Auto-schedule for best time’. RecurPost will study the previous engagement received on your posts and automatically schedule for the best time to post. Automatic posting to Facebook group can be done both as a profile and as a page.

There are no limitations when it comes to editing your already scheduled Facebook posts with RecurPost’s free Facebook post scheduler. If you need to make any last-minute changes, you can do that easily using the edit option.

When you are scheduling posts on a Facebook page using RecurPost’s Facebook post scheduler, you get the ability to add up to 15 images in one post. While creating a post, simply select the images that you want to attach and schedule the post according to your preferred date and time.

There is a daily limit on the number of posts you can upload on Facebook – which is 25 posts/day. However, in order to get sufficient engagement on your posts, we recommend not posting more than 5 posts in a day. If you are using a auto Facebook posting tool and you schedule more than 25 posts, they will not get posted on your FB account after the maximum posting limit has been reached.

RecurPost provides a mobile application for both Android as well as iOS users, which enables you to use the Facebook post scheduler on your phones. You can edit, organize, and schedule schedule Facebook posts for free through the app easily on the go.

To automate Facebook page posts, you need to take the help of a social media scheduler that supports scheduling posts on Facebook. RecurPost lets you schedule posts on Facebook personal profiles, pages, as well as groups. You simply need to sign up, connect your FB accounts, and start automating posts.

To automate a Facebook post using RecurPost, you can create a single update or upload multiple posts at once. Add your choice of images or create one using Canva integration, write captions, include emojis, insert hashtags, or add a link, and then select the time at which you want to schedule the post.

The overall best time to post on Facebook is Monday to Thursday – 10 AM to 2 PM. If you are not sure about when to post, you can use RecurPost’s free Facebook post scheduler to auto-schedule your posts for the best time. It will study the engagement levels received on your previous posts and finds out the time when your audience will be the most active.

The classic method for automatic Facebook posting is through the process of trial and error. You can experiment with posting at different times and note down the engagement and reach received on each post. Alternatively, if you don’t want the hassle of experimenting with posting times, you can use RecurPost. It offers the feature to auto-schedule Facebook posts for the best times. Through its AI, it studies the level of engagement on your previous posts and schedules accordingly.